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5th beached sperm whale discovered in eastern England …

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  • There is just one phrase to explain the market s reaction to last night s BOJ announcement that it would join the ECB, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland into negative territory: stunned shock. As the WSJ writes, many investors had anticipated an expansion of the bank s asset-purchasing program this year, but few expected Japan to join the European Central Bank and central banks of Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland in negative territory on Friday. Reuters add that there s a significant surprise factor: almost no economist was calling for this, according to Alex Dryden, global market strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management. And so on. But if nobody expected negative rates out of the BOJ last night, there s a good reason for this: just one week ago Kuroda himself said on the record that he has no plan to adopt negative rates now This was reported by Reuters on January 21, exactly one week before the BOJ announcement: Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said he is not thinking of adopting a negative interest rate policy now, signalling that any further monetary easing will likely take … Continue…[2]

5th Beached Sperm Whale Discovered In Eastern England ...

5th Beached Sperm Whale Discovered In Eastern England ...

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