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Beverley Business and Residents Invited to Learn More About The …

Beverley Business And Residents Invited To Learn More About The ...

Welcome to Yorkshire will be hosting a special road show on Thursday 20 January at the [1] from 1PM. Organisers of the event are hoping local businesses and residents will come along so they can learn how they can get involved and support what promises to be an exciting time for Beverley. A spokesperson for welcome to Yorkshire told HU17.net;

The event we are hosting is split into two parts. Part one talks about the race and the route it will be taking and the second part is all about how people can get involved.

Numerous yellow and blue bikes were placed around the town and schools were encouraged to embrace the spirits of the event taking part in [2]. Last year Beverley formed part of the race with thousands of people lining the streets to cheer on the riders as they passed through the town. Following the success from the 2015 [3] Beverley has gone one better and will be the starting point for the 2016 race.

While you can registered online organisers of the [4] Roadshow in Beverley have said people are very welcome to just turn up, they said;

We have publicised the [5] Roadshow in Beverley and have had a good response. People who wish to come alone can do.

It is not just for local businesses, we often have residents and local schools who attend these events who come to see how they can get involved and how the race will impact on them.

To registered your interest in attending Thursday s [6] event at the [7] simply visit here[8].

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