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Beverley MP Pushes For Progress on River Hull Dredging

Beverley MP Pushes For Progress On River Hull Dredging

MP [1] says that there is a massive amount of work going on behind the scenes to help tackle the flood risk in the [2] Valley. Mr. Stuart who formed The [3] Advisory Board in 2013 also chairs the committee that is made up of a number of bodies including councils, MPs and MEPs. Last week the MP met with [4] to ascertain the progress they are making, commenting on the meeting Mr. Stuart said;

Last Friday I met with the East Riding Council, the lead flood authority, to push for progress to be made on [5] dredging, other channel clearance, and the removal of sunken vessels; these are issues I know are of great importance to my constituents.

I m pleased to report that there s a massive amount of work being done behind the scenes to get all the necessary licences in place and the Council is working flat out on it.

Set up to ensure a joined-up approach to improving drainage and reducing flooding in the area, The [6] Advisory Board produced its final strategy report in July last year. Partners on the [7] Advisory Board have agreed to endorse a joint strategy to manage flood risk in the [8] Valley. Experts on the topic of flooding however blame a shift in focus for the neglect of the waterways in the UK saying the emphasis has shifted to a primary obligation to achieve good ecological status.

Heavily modified waters, which include rivers dredged or embanked to prevent flooding, cannot, by definition, satisfy the terms of the directive.

Philip Walling, former farmer, barrister and author points the finger at the EU for the lack of dredging, he said

In order to comply with the obligations imposed on us by the EU we had to stop dredging.

The truth they don t tell you is that even if they wanted to, neither the UK government, nor the Environment Agency has the power to dredge or the money.

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