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Beverley Skincare Specialist Is First To Offer Innovative Treatment In …

Beverley Skincare Specialist Is First To Offer Innovative Treatment In ...

A [1] skincare specialist has launched a revolutionary new anti-ageing eye treatment. FaceWorkshops, run by [2], is the first business in Yorkshire to introduce the pioneering Radara treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area. Dr Steventon launched the Radara micro-needling therapy for people who are interested in a natural anti-ageing alternative to [3] and traditional micro-needling rollers.

Dr Steventon explained the rationale for the launch of the new treatment: Micro-needling, otherwise known as collagen induction therapy, is used to rejuvenate the skin by targeting [4] layers of the epidermis. Traditionally, invasive micro-needling rollers have been used, but they have a number of limitations including pain, erythema (redness) and bleeding in some cases.

Radara , however, is a non-invasive micro-needling patch that is proven* to temporarily improve crow s feet and fine lines when used in conjunction with a hyaluronic acid serum. The patches are easy to use at home and only needs to be applied for 5 minutes daily for four weeks to show visible results. This is a very exciting product and I m proud to be the first practitioner in Yorkshire to offer it. In tests, objective 3D imaging results demonstrated a 35% improvement in wrinkles from baseline within the Radara group after four weeks. The RSP of the four week treatment that comprises daily disposable patches and the hyaluronic acid serum is 240, but this is discounted to 200 until 29th February.

Before establishing independent skincare consultancy FaceWorkshops in 2009, Dr. Steventon s experience spanned several years and continents from prestigious skincare brand, La Prairie in her native Czech Republic to Shiseido in [5] and Smith and Nephew wound healing in Hull. Dr. Steventon uses her PhD in skin science combined with her professional facial therapy training to provide clients with a bespoke package of scientifically validated products combined with facial therapies in [6], East Yorkshire. Dr. Steventon is also the founder of a LinkedIn Group: Innovative Ideas & Insights in Facial Skincare.

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