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Brussels Airport ends 2015 with 7.8% growth in Freight transport

Brussels Airport Ends 2015 With 7.8% Growth In Freight TransportBrussels Airport can look back on a year of strong growth. In 2015, the number of passengers grew by 7% on last year, with Brussels Airport receiving almost 23.5 million passengers. Freight transport through Brussels Airport in 2015 saw vigorous growth of nearly 8% compared with 2014, especially the full freighter segment and the express services. Freight transport at Brussels Airport enjoyed positive growth of 7.8% in comparison with the previous year. That is an exceptionally strong result in comparison with other European airports where freight transport has grown only slightly or even decreased.

Belly cargo (freight carried on board passenger aircraft) remained status quo in comparison with 2014, but the express services (integrator) and especially full-freighter transport saw strong growth of 7.0% and 18.1% respectively compared to 2014. It should however be noted here that Ethiopian Cargo stopped flying at Brussels Airport in November because the company did not obtain the requisite air traffic rights in Belgium. To continue its activities in Brussels. This resulted in full-freighter volumes dropping by 25% in the last two months of the year compared with 2014. In December 2015 freight transport increased at Brussels Airport by 8.0% compared to December 2014. That growth is attributed to the sharp rise in the express services and in belly cargo. The rise can be explained by the low figures for 2014 when there was no freight transport on the provincial and national strike days.

Our freight department saw exceptional growth of almost 8% in 2015, thanks to the arrival of 4 new cargo carriers. The growth is all the more striking because air freight transport in Europe looked bleak in the last 12 months, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

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