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Business Support Services for Canterbury City Council

Canterbury City Council would like to appoint organisations/consultants (Bidders) who can provide 1-2-1 business support alongside a specialist area of knowledge as described in Lot 1, or deliver workshops and seminars in specialist sector areas, as described in Lot 2. These organisations and/or individuals will support us in delivering outputs and results against several externally and internally funded projects.
Our projects will focus on helping local residents and entrepreneurs start up new businesses and support sustainability and growth within existing businesses. All projects will be closely integrated with our existing www.StartMyBiz-Canterbury[1] and www.GrowMyBiz-Canterbury[2] projects.Bidders may apply to undertake the works within both lots and there is no restriction on the number of Lots or sub lots you can apply to.
LOT 1 1 to 1 sessions.
You must have experience in general business support as a minimum which will provided alongside the specialism shown in the sub lot:-
General business support,
Business planning,
Market research,
Financial records and financial forecasting,
Strategic business reviews,
Supply chain and shared costs,
Access to finance,
Growth coaching.
The sub lot is split between specialist advice and Bidders are asked to indicate which sub lot is being applied for. Bidders would then give the general business support alongside the specialist advice.
Speciaility Sub-lot 1 Independent Retail and Franchising.
Speciality Sub-lot 2 Food production/scaling/logistics.
This lot is broken into the following specialities for delivering Workshops/Seminars.
Town Centre Retail delivery of seasonal and event based campaigns across town centres galvanising retailers to work together.
Food production/scaling/logistics/trading standards.
Supply chain optimisation /shared costs.
Integrating digital business solutions e.g. payments out/in, online marketing, social media and sales conversions ROI.
Delivering online and offline marketing campaigns.
Access to finance.
Franchising-How to move from a single location independent business to develop a chain or franchise your business.
We current have funding of 65 000 GBP with a further 100 000 GBP yet to be secured and the possibility of additional funding being secured up to the total value of 250 000 GBP over the life of the project. It is unknown, at this stage, how the funding will be split across the lots and sub-lots.


  1. ^ www.StartMyBiz-Canterbury (www.startmybiz-canterbury)
  2. ^ www.GrowMyBiz-Canterbury (www.growmybiz-canterbury)

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