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Develop Your Kids' Kitchen Flair This Half Term at East Riding College

Develop Your Kids' Kitchen Flair This Half Term At East Riding College

[1] is offering parents a chance to feed kids and their imagination with a one-day cookery course during February half-term.

Junior Chef Academy is aimed at young [2] aged around 12 to 16 years old and will take them through a collection of recipes designed to help them eat well and improve their kitchen skills along the way. The course will take place on Friday, February 12, from 9.30am to 4pm and will be held in the purpose-built kitchen and Elwell s restaurant at the College s new Beverley campus, in [3]. Participants will get the chance to prepare and cook dishes such as chicken skewers with tomato salsa, chocolate chip cookies and pitta [4].

Catering tutor Dave Leaf said: You don t have to be grown up to know that cooking good food is satisfying and fun.

It s an essential life-skill that you can develop and use more and more as you get older. This class caters for young [5] who love cooking and would like to learn more.

The cost of the course is 70, with all ingredients included, and learners will be able to take their completed dishes home with them.

For more information or reserve a place, call the College on 0345 120 0044

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