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Dutch government chooses TomTom for Traffic Innovation Centre

Dutch Government Chooses TomTom For Traffic Innovation Centre

TomTom has been chosen by the Dutch National Road Authority (Rijkswaterstaat) for collaboration with the newly developed national Traffic Innovation Centre, in partnership with the Dutch-based company Simacan. The Traffic Innovation Centre, an experiment and development area for traffic management, was founded by among others Rijkswaterstaat to facilitate development of smarter mobility. TomTom has enhanced the award-winning TomTom Traffic product for traffic management centers, enabling traffic managers to capture and act on every minor change in flow. Simacan, a traffic and logistics IT specialist, merges various road authority datasets such as motorway matrix signs with the TomTom Traffic product. The Traffic Innovation Centre, TomTom and Simacan will work together going forward to develop more joint applications, improving traffic flow in the network by smarter use of infrastructure and technology. Ralf-Peter Sch fer, Head of Traffic at TomTom, said TomTom and Simacan are innovating traffic management in ways that will ultimately serve the needs of connected and self-driving cars.

TomTom is a key player in the global traffic data industry, according to the SBD Traffic Guide that covers the rapidly evolving traffic, weather and parking information market in over 60 countries through a global database of coverage, services and providers; and a PPT of key trends and developments. For more details on this report contact

PTV partnership

PTV Group and TomTom have extended their partnership, providing TomTom s full global mapping and traffic content for use in PTV s newest Logistics and Traffic product suite.

Mapping and traffic data have become big data , as its scale and dynamic nature have grown over the course of the last few years. With big data, the demand for easy-to-use visualization, simulation and optimization tools grows. PTV provides a solution to this challenge, aiming to support GIS specialists and transportation professionals by bringing these teams closer together.

Source: TomTom

Dutch Government Chooses TomTom For Traffic Innovation Centre


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