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Exhibitions Cargo » Cuba prioritizes Spanish companies to the US …

During his appearance on the 8th Tourism Leadership Exceltur Forum in Madrid, Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, reassured the Spanish hoteliers by ensuring that Spanish companies being already on the island will have priority for the next projects of the country. Foreign investment projects that Cuba has planned, vary from renewable energy to infrastructure, from food to motor industry, but tourism is shown in a leading role: almost 2,200 million is the sum projected for construction for a total of 17 new hotels scattered throughout the island, seven villages of tourist residences and two golf tourism major complexes, adding a total of 21,100 new rooms to the plant on the island for the coming five years.

The revolution has taught us to be next to those who helped us in difficult times and we will give them the best benefits and land, said Marrero referring to 53 of the 74 international trade agreements that Spain has in the country. Spanish Hotel groups currently handle more than the 80% of rooms at Cuba, and although the lifting of the embargo by the US involves an avalanche of arrivals from the US companies to the island, the tourism minister has declared the position of Cuba to prioritize companies that were there previously, giving them more land, more hotels and more investment opportunities.

The minister has stated that the blockade has not been lifted yet and until it is, there won t be packages sold for this destination. However, this does not forbid the talks about possible investments from the United States. In his opinion, the arrival of the Americans will be good, as it will generate greater competitiveness, but we do not want to Americanize Cuba , we want to enjoy the country as it is. We will not give up our historical legacy, he added.

Exhibitions Cargo » Cuba Prioritizes Spanish Companies To The US ...

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