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Humber Para-Swimming Aquasplash is Coming to Beverley Leisure …

Humber Para-Swimming Aquasplash Is Coming To Beverley Leisure ...

[1] will play host to the Humber Para-[2] Aquasplash festival which looks to encourage people with disabilities to showcase their [3].

Taking place on the 24 January the event will be open to swimmers who are over 5 years of age and be able to swim a minimum of 15m.

[4], Para-[5] Pathway Officer for the north explained more about the Humber Para-[6] Aquasplash festival, he said;

The Humber Para-[7] Aquasplash festival is aimed at disabled swimmers of mixed ability to showcase their [8] skills in a fun and challenging environment.

Activities will include games based tasks for beginners through to a training session for swimmers wishing to be assessed for competitive [9]. Going forward it is hoped the event will encourage more people locally to continue with [10], which as a sport provides many health benefits. Breathing is one of the biggest benefits gained from swimming over training in a gym. Moisture in the air makes it easier to breath so is a good way for those with asthma to train.

Studies have shown that swimming can vastly improve asthma symptoms, even a whole year after your swimming routine stops. Mr. Armstrong added;

All participants will have access to personalised signposting information at the end of the session where the wealth of local provision will be promoted to encourage continued participation.

[11] takes place on Sunday 24 January. Registration will take place between 3 3.45PM with the pool session running between 4PM and 5PM. Anyone wishing to take part in the [12] should get in touch with Mr. Armstrong. Places are limited and booking ahead of the event in Beverley is essential.

To book your place email chris.armstrong@swimming.org or call 07787269306

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