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Infographic: Immigrant Crisis Disrupting European Logistics Market …

In 2015, more than 1 million immigrants entered Europe. As of January 2016, the numbers have not gone down despite bad weather and desperate conditions in refugee camps. This is not only a humanitarian problem, but also a legal one for European governments. As reported by World Economic Forum, the European Commission will reveal its new asylum regulation in March.

Throughout 2015, the European logistics market was particularly affected by this crisis. Many European borders had to be closed or protected by increased security, which caused delays and significantly increased cost for logistics providers. In addition human lives were endangered as some people were trying to hide in lorries in order to get to the UK.

Below is an infographic that provides further visualization of the immigrants crisis situation, particularly focusing on its influence on logistics market.

Yola O Hara is the founder and Commercial Illustrator at Visually Explained Ltd.

Yola has many years of experience working in the logistics sector in Poland and the UK, for companies including Motorola, Lucent Technologies and Dyson. About 9 years ago she moved to research sector but stayed close to logistics, working closely with UK based supply chain market research company Transport Intelligence. Yola has a unique ability to take complicated concepts or data and translate them into easy to understand infographics and images. She has creative eye for detail when it comes to creating impactful graphics.

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