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LETTER: Epidemic of reckless driving

Last month my wife and I witnessed Dumb Dumber Jackass and Canada s Worst Driver all rolled into one. The driver in question defied reason, common sense and regard for public safety. Perhaps in light of what we saw, that driver should consider a different occupation. On another day it would be a horrific crash scene. For oncoming traffic it would have been a trip to the morgue. Everyone think about this and hold your breath like the middle-aged woman must have watching a road grader and a dump truck race toward her side by side. The driver of the dump truck with a pup trailer attached, having picked up enough speed coming down the Huntingdon Road hill, must have decided to be foolhardy pulling into the left-hand lane disregarding the double yellow no-passing lines to barrel past the yellow commercial road grader. The truck driver in question blows past Peardonville and Ross roads, still in the left lane, rushing up the slight rise to just make it past oncoming traffic by the length of the truck and trailer. I wonder if the driver of the dump truck threw away the instruction manual called Rules of the Road and Why They are There. There appears to be an epidemic of reckless endangerment on today s roads.

The cure is to drive responsibly.

Myron Neville, Abbotsford

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