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With the rapidly evolving UK logistics sector, 2016 calls for forward integrated planning in logistics recruitment. Employers may find that it is crucial to re-evaluate the client base served by the company and reflect this within their hiring strategy. Whether replacing retiring staff or recruiting for a brand new role, fresh skills might need to


As you prepare to enter a new trading year and the competition to secure the best candidates to fill vacant Chief Procurement Officer roles increases, it s essential for procurement recruitment campaigns to be not only pro-active, but also imaginative. This much sought after fresh talent is crucial to ensure the sustained growth and profitability of


It would be rare to find a supply chain operation that has no need to recruit new additions to the workforce in the year ahead. BiS Henderson regularly advise clients on the importance of forward planning in supply chain recruitment to ensure the selection of suitable candidates isn t made under pressure due to time constraints.


As the pace quickens for on-time Christmas deliveries, employers may well be acutely aware how there is a critical need to have the right logistics recruitment plans in place. Many may have underestimated the rapid increase in online purchasing, evident on Black Friday 2015. After the holiday period, consumers are likely to continue in their


BiS Henderson s consultants appreciate that procurement recruitment requires a long-term hiring strategy, with forward planning being equally important as a rapid response to client s urgent need to fill a vacant role. The BiS Henderson procurement recruitment team always aim to build lasting relationships with both the employer and potential candidates. This frequently involves liaising closely


The changing face of the logistics sector has seen many companies making significant investment in logistics management systems. BiS Henderson are increasingly asked for help in securing fresh talent through focused logistics recruitment campaigns, in order to ensure experienced staff are in place to develop and operate these new systems. The economic climate in the


NOVUS, the degree scheme designed to encourage tomorrow s supply chain professionals, is a proud recipient of a European Supply Chain Excellence Award winning in the Training & Professional Development category. Nick Hewer Countdown presenter and Lord Sugar s right-hand man on The Apprentice, presented the award, at last night s prestigious ceremony at the London


Good news from London last night. The Novus Trust has won the Training and Professional Development Award at the Logistics and Supply Chain Awards. Fantastic achievement moving Novus forward in training students to be supply chain professionals.

Logistics & Supply Chain Recruitment Blog

With the current trends and challenges within the supply chain operation, professionals with strong leadership qualities have a high value and are much sought after. Employers may find however, that identifying this crucial talent during a supply chain recruitment campaign may not be clear-cut, even for HR managers. BiS Henderson consultants know from experience exactly


Although a relatively new position, there is now a growing recognition of the importance of a Chief Procurement Officer within the supply chain organisation. Many employers are aware that the centralisation of expenditure and the tight control of expenses is paramount. BiS Henderson are increasingly asked by clients to find the best CPO candidates with


No matter how urgent the need to hire staff for a new logistics job or to replace existing employees, a great deal is at risk if crucial steps are missed. Logistics recruitment requires strategic planning and hands-on management throughout the entire hiring process. BiS Henderson know just how costly mistakes can be for employers when


BiS Henderson are often asked why they would recommend a career in supply chain management. Many suitable candidates are unaware of the wide opportunities that are open to them within the industry and how their skills are highly valued. Supply chain recruitment covers a broad variety of industries, with openings in the public sector, smaller


2000; the year of the Millennium. Gladiator was in the cinema, Steve Redgrave won his fifth consecutive Olympic gold medal, Britney Spears reached Number 1 in the charts with Oops, I did it again and BiS Henderson was formed!! The last fifteen years have seen the business grow into one of the largest supply chain and logistics recruitment organisations in the


It would be fair to say that within the supply chain organisation, the importance for at least one key employee to be responsible solely for procurement is often overlooked. Efficient procurement management calls for experienced individuals who have the necessary skill level to make crucial decisions involving increasingly complex projects. BiS Henderson are aware


With many of the baby boomers preparing for retirement from supply chain management positions, now perhaps more than at any other time, the search is hotting up for fresh talent to replace them. There is already a significant shortage of potential supply chain candidates with a contest to secure the best available and demand currently


The race for same day delivery within the UK e-commerce logistics sector is stepping up and is calling for improved efficiency and higher logistics staffing levels for both retailers and suppliers in a rapidly evolving industry. An increase in fulfillment houses or regional hubs will undoubtedly require focused logistics recruitment campaigns to ensure key employees


BiS Henderson recruiters frequently find that employers are unclear on which specific attributes they should look for in a candidate during a procurement recruitment campaign. This is especially the case when a traditional purchasing department needs to update in order to meet the demands of an increasingly complex supply chain operation. Firstly it is essential


There is currently an on-going discussion regarding the emphasis on leadership in business, while followers are frequently overlooked. BiS Henderson recognise that supply chain recruitment can benefit considerably if employers are made aware of how valuable an asset an employee can be in a supporting role. There has been a great deal of focus on


BiS Henderson are often asked by both employers and candidates, what should they expect in a logistics recruitment interview. Undoubtedly the interview style will differ greatly depending on whether this is led by someone from the HR department or by a line manager or company director. Short-listing interviews are often carried out by a representative,


Leading procurement recruitment consultants BiS Henderson, know just how costly a bad hire can be for the employer when the wrong candidate is selected. The impact can be far-reaching, with the potential of a disgruntled workforce, lost customers, and reduced profits. The mismatch could be due to issues as simple as an inflexible recruit who


With the rapid increase in e-commerce and online ordering, the majority of customers may be unaware of the complex supply chain operation behind the secure and on-time doorstep delivery. They may even have an outdated impression of a forklift moving goods from a dark and dusty warehouse to the lorry. Supply chain recruitment now calls


Why should employers engage a logistics recruitment consultancy in their search for fresh talent? BIS Henderson frequently find that clients have a completely different perception of the interview process and are often unclear on how best to engage effectively with the candidate. When the BiS Henderson logistics recruitment team formalise the campaign during the initial


While procurement adds significant value to the logistics and supply chain sector, recruiting professionals at managerial and executive level presents specific challenges. BiS Henderson appreciate how essential it is to secure outstanding candidates with the experience and the strategic outlook crucial in heading up a procurement team. Essentially, the role of the procurement manager is


It is recognised that the current growth trend in the logistics sector calls for new skills and a broader approach to logistics recruitment and there is now an increased focus on technology playing an important part in securing a competitive edge. BiS Henderson are able to advise clients on the specific technical and IT skills


Supply chain management links several organisational boundaries, from the sourcing of raw materials through to the end user. This supply chain complexity triangle focuses greatly on the co-ordination of manufacturing and the control of materials and logistics. BiS Henderson work closely with employers to provide a holistic supply chain recruitment service, ensuring key candidates with


The present momentum within the logistics sector calls for improved operational efficiency and an increase in flexible working practices. BiS Henderson as specialist logistics recruitment consultants report that together with vehicles and technology, investment in people is now high on the priority list for employers. Following considerable advances in technology, logistics planners and strategists are


As leading supply chain recruitment consultants, BiS Henderson appreciate the need to reduce costly staff turnover by ensuring accurate candidate assessments. When an employer is hiring for a key position, recruiters must spend substantial time with the client in order to clarify what skills and attributes are required to enable a new employee to fit


The corporate strategy in logistics recruitment is now greatly influenced by emerging global trends. In a rapidly expanding industry sector, excellent service skills are essential in order to ensure that strong relationships which are often cross-cultural, are built and maintained with both customers and suppliers. A multi-disciplined approach is required within the majority of logistics


Reports show that well over 2 million people worldwide are currently employed in the supply chain and logistics industry and this number is on the increase. In order to secure the top performers, employers stand to gain an advantage through the support of a supply chain recruitment company such a BiS Henderson, who have an


Securing the best talent in supply chain recruitment requires a well-planned strategy in order to appeal to the target audience. BiS Henderson place a great deal of importance on providing a job description that serves as a strategic marketing tool. This gives the hiring company the opportunity to promote a strong brand image and attract


Most companies today have an element of logistics within their operation. This may be just a small part of the business with only one person employed purely to handle the costing and procurement of office supplies or IT equipment, or a global corporation with a complex network in the shipping and sourcing of goods. BiS


When an employer is searching for suitable candidates in a supply chain recruitment campaign, in order to satisfy the multi-faceted functions within the sector, attributes are required that not only include technical ability but also essential softer-skills. These soft-skills include problem solving, business ethics, customer liaison and good teamwork. The BiS Henderson recruitment team appreciate


How can interview coaching for candidates help employers with their logistics recruitment? BiS Henderson frequently find that many logistics candidates are either unprepared for the interviewing process or are nervous when facing their interviewer. This is even more likely when it s a graduate s first experience of applying for a position in a corporate environment. A


In the current competitive market, employers can t afford for their logistics recruitment campaign to be a hit and miss affair. BiS Henderson understand the challenges faced in developing improved hiring practices and the strategies that must be in place from the outset of the recruitment process. There is no one size fits all approach and


One of the primary costs within the supply chain operation is the employment of labour. Without doubt, errors of judgement when hiring supply chain staff can be damaging, but with significant expansion of volume and growing complexity within the supply chain, the industry sector is now experiencing a considerable talent gap. Supply chain recruitment specialists


When employers need to replace key team members within their logistics operation, this frequently means that time is of the essence. BiS Henderson s specialist logistics recruitment consultants will ensure that urgency doesn t have a negative impact on selecting the right candidate for the vacancy. In fact the advice would be for HR personnel or managers


Without doubt, providing an employer with an outstanding service in logistics recruitment calls for more than an extensive database. BiS Henderson, as leading recruitment consultants in the logistics and supply chain sector, accept that although their comprehensive index of candidates is important, the calibre of the relationship with these candidates is paramount. Recruiters must take


You may be preparing to start a career in the field of logistics, or want to progress in your current role and need help to find the ideal position. BiS Henderson, as specialist consultants in logistics recruitment, has the benefit of unrivalled expertise in both the public and private sectors and can assist with a


Procurement Leaders External Collaboration Award Winner Tesco The BiS Henderson Breakfast sessions kicked off in full swing on Friday 10th July in our new High Wycombe offices. The event provided the opportunity for Procurement Leaders in the local area to network and hear an inspirational talk from Paul Williams, the leader of the


The rapid growth in online retail operations provides a significant challenge for supply chain recruitment within the industry sector. BiS Henderson s recruitment team has the strategic insight to help clients meet the increased demand for expansion in the work-force from boardroom to the shop floor. With international interest in UK brands, there is considerable value in


An efficient and profitable supply chain operation starts with a strong and highly focused management team, supported by a skilled and reliable workforce. Finding the right employees at all levels, is not only time-consuming but can also be costly, especially if snap decisions are later regretted. BiS Henderson s specialist supply chain recruitment team has many


Much has changed within the field of purchasing and supply chain management over recent years, with considerable impact being seen in in the industry. It is therefore essential that supply chain recruitment adapts accordingly to those changes in order to secure company profitability and future growth. BiS Henderson, as a specialist logistics and supply chain


Are you an employer who is concerned that losing a key team member may affect the smooth running of your supply chain? BiS Henderson has found that HR departments or managers responsible for recruiting, are looking ahead at key areas where the operation may be vulnerable in the future. They are aware that it s crucial


Are you considering a career in the rapidly growing UK logistics sector? No longer limited to driving trucks and handling goods in warehouses, along with the developing complexity of the supply chain, skill sets have also become more complex and offers diverse opportunities in logistics jobs. The first step is to register with a specialist


You may be an employer looking to replace a retiring member of your logistics team or are recruiting due to increased productivity and demand. When trusted and experienced staff take retirement or make a career move, it can be a hard task to replace them. Even more so if they have been with the company


The logistics sector has progressed considerably over recent years and now calls for professionals with diverse skills and experience who will play an important role in the company s future growth. So how does an employer source the ideal employee to fill logistics jobs? BiS Henderson s tips on hiring the right logistics recruitment company, places hands


BiS Henderson were delighted to sponsor the Supply Chain Initiative award last week at the Procurement Leaders Awards. The Procurement Leaders Awards are the most celebrated and sought after awards in procurement, representing the best initiatives, individuals and companies across the world. They reward the collective efforts of individuals and teams and are a vindication


Although it s impossible to predict the future, much can be learned by looking at the past history of supply chain recruitment. In order to strengthen the company s value proposition it s essential to adapt to constant challenges within the industry sector. The supply chain has become far more complex, with dramatic changes during the last 10


Specialist logistics recruitment consultants BiS Henderson, appreciate just how crucial the candidate verification process is in order to ensure no costly errors are made when selecting a new employee. Dishonesty or poor performance have the potential to adversely affect not only the internal stability of the whole operation but also may also have long-term implications


As a leading executive consultancy for supply chain recruitment, BiS Henderson provides the vital link between the hiring company and the ideal candidate. In the current highly competitive market, attracting the top talent calls for an astute strategy, working in close liaison with the client to establish an employment package that will entice supply chain


BiS Henderson believe that when recruiting for positions within the supply chain, defining the essential skill sets is of key importance, identifying the same high level of experience and professionalism demanded within sectors. Candidates must also be able to show interest, enthusiasm and full commitment to your company s mission statement and the specific area served.


When an employer is hiring a new company member to join the supply chain team, nothing can be left to chance. BiS Henderson covers all aspects within their supply chain recruitment campaign management service, ensuring every step in the process is fully covered. This begins with a full client briefing, mapping a role profile, confirming


Supply Chain and Logistics employers must be able to depend on the accuracy of candidate profiles when recruiting for new staff. Specialist logistics recruitment consultancy BiS Henderson reports that there are a growing number of companies who now include psychometric testing routinely within their supply chain recruitment process. Roles within the logistics or purchasing sector


Specialist logistics recruitment consultants, BiS Henderson understand how vital it is to conduct security and background checks before employing new staff members. Once candidates have reached the short-listing stage in the overall recruitment process, thorough security screening should be carried out with careful analysis of character references. In-depth screening is essential in order to protect


There is a unique approach required when recruiting for logistics jobs in the Public Sector, whether that s for support roles or executive positions. Logistics recruitment for Government and the Public sector primarily calls for rigorous security checks, with candidates thoroughly screened and credentials verified. Recruitment consultants, BiS Henderson has a specialist team dedicated to sourcing,


The demand for interim management expertise within the supply chain and logistics sector is without doubt on the increase. Specialist logistics recruitment consultants BiS Henderson, appreciate that there may well be times of crisis within a company when a highly experienced interim manager is required to step in at short notice. It could be that the


Recruiting to fill a supply chain executive search position, possibly at board level, calls for much more than simply filling the vacancy with an applicant who has the qualifications on paper. Attracting the right calibre of candidate requires, amongst other considerations, ensuring a cultural match with the existing team and the corporate ethics of your


When you have a vacancy to fill within your team it can be a challenge to find the right supply chain recruitment specialist to assist you in your search. It s essential to appoint a recruitment company who fully understand the dynamics of the industry, together with the criteria required for the job to identify the key


Within the supply chain and logistics sector, global networks have become far more complex in nature over the last few years. This means that good management skills are essential when dealing with European and worldwide freight movements, production proficiency and supplier liaison. The supply chain may well stretch across multiple time zones involving several countries,


Trade-offs in European logistics are changing rapidly and there are critical issues and challenges to consider. It is essential for supply chains to respond to client demands with improvement in customer service levels while reducing operating costs in order to remain competitive. Advances in communications and information technology has enabled better co-ordination in the planning


As a leading specialist in logistics recruitment BiS Henderson is often asked to define recruiting within the supply chain and the specifications required. When selecting the right applicant for an opening within the supply chain sector there are several key factors to consider. At the heart of all logistics operations, the supply chain plays a


Do you need an additional logistics staff but are unsure where to look? Primarily, it s essential to identify the best logistics recruitment partner to track down the right employee for the position. Here are a few tips; BiS Henderson s advice would be to ensure the recruitment agency is able to deliver on several key issues. Firstly,


Many people consider the option of logistics recruitment consultants companies and it goes without saying that they all want to maximize their results from the help of such partners. For maximum results, you should focus on choosing from selective and reputable recruitment consultants and then choose a consultancy partner that best suits your needs. The


It may be a bumpy ride for supply chain recruitment if employers fail to prepare well for the forecasted skills shortage. Technology has evolved rapidly and the pre-conception of lorries and dimly-lit sheds is no longer valid. In order to keep up to speed, employers will need to source additional staff and new talent. The


With confidence riding high in the logistics and supply chain sector, companies are actively seeking outstanding talent to fill the vacancies that are opening up. With this rapid growth within the industry, skills shortages are becoming apparent. BiS Henderson, with their specialist logistics recruitmentservice, strongly advise employers to prepare well for the forecasted shortfall in


It s a tough challenge to find the best talent in logistics recruitment in a candidate-driven market that the industry is facing today. BiS Henderson know just how important it is to source the highest achievers and secure them ahead of the competition. As your staff retire, you may well be confronted with fierce competition to replace


With global supply chains becoming increasingly complex and far-reaching, the challenges facing companies are escalating. BiS Henderson, as the provider of choice in supply chain recruitment know how essential it is to attract the best talent in a candidate driven market. The recruitment team appreciate the need to take the lead in employment negotiation as


Are you finding it increasingly difficult to track down the right employees in your supply chain recruitment? As experienced staff retire, skilled professionals as their replacements are in short supply, with fierce competition within the industry sector for the best talent. By 2018, it s estimated that the supply chain field will add a further 1.4


With many years of experience in supply chain recruitment, BiS Henderson understand how important it is to find the right candidates. The needs of the logistics industry around the world is constantly evolving and having worked in the industry sector with first hand experience, the BiS Henderson recruitment team remain in touch with the client


When you are looking for the people in supply chain recruitment you can rest assured that BiS Henderson has the right candidates to fill the vacancy. The role can be filled easily with any one of the short-listed candidates. With one of the most up-to-date contact databases in the supply chain recruitment sector, at any


With first hand experience and understanding of the world of logistics, BiS Henderson is ideally placed to help with your supply chain recruitment. You may not know exactly what to look for when you are searching for new company members, but this will become clear when BiS Henderson formulate a role profile with you in


How difficult do you find it to track down the right employee for your supply chain? BiS Henderson can ensure that the whole process of logistics recruitmentis as smooth and seamless as possible. With your competitors hot on the heels of potential candidates, it s essential to have a head start when recruiting the best talent.


NOVUS, the partnership between leading companies and the University of Huddersfield to attract and develop the next generation of supply chain professionals, has won the Development of People Award (sponsored by Syncreon) in the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT) Annual Awards for Excellence 2014. This is the second award win for NOVUS within


If you re looking for the ideal candidate in logistics recruitment what would be your top priorities? A logical and quick thinker? A good communicator? Someone who has a head for figures and complex calculations? BiS Henderson would say that all of these are essential attributes, but deciding what attributes you want to see in a


Specialist logistics recruitment consultancy BiS Henderson knows that with increasingly high global demand for the best talent in the industry sector, it is critical that the right person for the vacant role is identified and brought on board with the minimum of delay. BiS Henderson works within a pro-active partnership with clients, being fully aware of


Novus Trust are delighted to announce their first Award success at the Hermes Retail Week Supply Awards. The Award was given in the category Supply Chain Innovation sponsored by Wincanton. The Photograph below shows (left to right): Robin Proctor Group Supply Chain Director Travis Perkins Novus Mentor and Sponsor Paul Brooks MD BiS


Companies are facing increasingly high competition in securing the brightest and the best candidates in logistics recruitment. BiS Henderson, the provider of choice, understands the advantages of streamlined Advertising and Selection, ensuring the candidates put forward will be a valuable asset to your organisation. With a consistent database of around 30,000 candidates with regularly updated


Logistics recruitment without doubt requires a specialist team with high credentials within the industry sector. BiS Henderson logistics and supply chain recruiters collectively have many years of first hand experience and understand precisely what is required from a candidate. High-performing team members are selected for their ability to step in and take up the reins


What makes BiS Henderson the provider of choice in supply chain recruitment? With a database of over 30,000 potential candidates at any one time, the right person for the role can be identified and in position without delay. The database is updated every six months, ensuring all details remain current with the knowledge that listed


BiS Henderson understands just how essential it is for a company to have the support on hand from a specialist insupply chain recruitment. There is no doubt that there is tough competition for the best candidates in the logistics sector and BiS Henderson will rise to the challenge of finding the right people to fill


With stiff competition and high expectations in the supply chain industry sector, using the best in supply chain recruitment consultancy is essential. It s crucial for recruiters to track down experienced logistics professionals who have the ability to reduce lead times to the minimum. With supply chains now being far more complex and spanning the world,


When a company needs help with their supply chain recruitment, specialists BiS Henderson know exactly how to find the right candidates. They appreciate just how essential it is to fill the role with the person who will be able to achieve excellence within the supply chain. The BiS Henderson recruitment team has many years of


When companies need help to accelerate their freight forwarder interim recruitment efforts, BiS Henderson can expedite a rapid fulfilment of the role. BiS Henderson is a specialist supply chain recruitment consultancy, focusing specifically on the Supply Chain and Logistics sector. Should a company have an unforseen management crisis a phone call to the recruitment team


Over recent years, procurement posts have become highly coveted, even more so in the public sector. Within a high number of companies supply chain recruitment is of prime importance and the percentage of organisations seeking to include skilled supply chain professionals as members of their team is increasing. In order to ensure that only the


Competition to track down the ideal candidate for the Supply Chain and Logistics sector has become even more challenging and unless an employer is able to attract the relevant people, they stand to lose out to companies that market the vacancy more effectively. Potential candidates will have their own specific goals and aspirations and the


What percentage of your business structure is in a written form? Do you find that explaining things to a new employee is time-consuming? Shouldn t these questions be superfluous? If you weren t able to give a positive response, or you hesitated before you answered those two very important questions, then these points may well need to


The BiS Henderson specialist logistics executive search team is differentiated by the senior management s hands-on experience in operating logistics businesses at director and board level. The recruitment team includes managing directors, former chairmen and others who have held key roles within the supply chain and logistics sector. This wealth of experience gives the aptitude and


With businesses now fully appreciating global communications technology, BiS Henderson, specialist logistics recruiter makes it clear that real world supply chains must step up performance levels in order to meet increased expectations. Recruiters specialise in scouting supply chain professionals who can trim down lead times to the minimum. To assist them with this search, BiS


The BiS Henderson Academy, part of the BiS Henderson recruitment and logistics consultancy group, has announced that it is to establish two training centres in the heart of the logistics industry s Golden Triangle to offer traineeship courses for young people in preparation for apprenticeships in the logistics sector. The two centres, to be located in


BiS Henderson, the recruitment and logistics consultancy, has appointed David Midwood to head the company s launch into the Oil & Gas sector. As Director of Engineering for Oil & Gas at BiS Henderson, Midwood will apply his 25 years experience in recruiting specialist engineers for the industry to developing an important new area of business


In January, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised upwards its projections for UK GDP to 2.4% growth this year, retail sales in December were reported by the Office for National Statistics to be up5.3% on a year ago, and the CBI s quarterly Industrial Trends Survey for the three months to January 2014 showed growth in


BiS Henderson, the recruitment and logistics consultancy, has appointed Stewart Oades as a non executive director. Stewart is a prominent business leader within the logistics and supply chain sector, having worked at board level for some of the UK s top 3pls, providing services for many of Europe s largest retail and consumer goods organisations. As CEO


Andy Kaye, CEO of BiS Henderson has written an insightful article on Supply Management Daily . Read it here[92]

PRESS RELEASE February 2013 New degree to create tomorrow s supply chain leaders A new kind of degree has been created to address the shortage of graduate talent in the supply chain and logistics Industry. This industry-led initiative will also arm graduates with the tools they need for a successful career in


BiS Henderson, the recruitment and logistics consultancy, has announced the appointment of Paul Brooks as Managing Director of the newly formed BiS Henderson Academy. The Academy has been created to support organisations in developing their talent pools, specifically through inspiring young people into the logistics industry. It is intended to provide tailored pre-employment and career


BiS Henderson ends the year with a grand finale by launching their new Procurement recruitment practice. To culminate a year where BiS Henderson has continued to secure its position as the leading recruitment consultancy for the supply chain and logistics sector, Paula O Reilly joins the BiS Henderson team to develop a Procurement recruitment practise for


Geoff Corpe is making a comeback. After being incapacitated for almost a year due to an undiagnosed illness, Corpe is back in top form and has joined the Search & Consulting firm, BiS Henderson. I m looking forward to getting stuck back into our industry says Corpe. I have extensive knowledge and contacts with both shippers


The BiS Henderson logistics recruitment team know that some preconceptions about logistics are well past their sell-by date. There used to be a time when people s idea of transport was represented by a cloud of diesel fumes, lorries glimpsed through the haze and beyond the tractor units, large and dark shed interiors. Such a notion


Supply Chain recruitment specialist BiS Henderson has its own source of supply chain professionals at every level covering every imaginable specialisation. At any one time, the recruiters network of candidates might carry the contact details for 40,000 or more potential shortlist candidates. Of course, the numbers count for something but these records are not just



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