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Mango exports in Maharashtra may see 15% jump this …

After a disappointing 2015 due to the vagaries of climate, mango growers in the state of Maharashtra in India are hoping for a 15 per cent increase in exports this year. Although the European Union lifted ban on imports of Indian mangoes last year, unseasonal rains destroyed more than 40 per cent of the crop right at the flowering stage.

Back in 2014, the European Union had decided to ban the import of Indian Mangoes due the presence of fruit fly in the product. Alphonso mangoes, which is grown in the Konkan region of Mahrashtra and in various parts of Karnataka, form the bulk of exports to EU countries. Kesar, Langda and other varieties grown in other parts of the country form the rest of the export trade. Around 15 per cent of mangoes export are directed at the EU countries.

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