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MD Model Works: Force Crag Wharf ~ 009

For a while now I’ve wanted a small more industrial themed layout, something where I could run 0-4-0’s and maybe the odd smaller 0-6-0. And with my other 009 layout Bassenthaite lake needing a major rebuild I decided it was time to build something smaller that I’d enjoy operating more.

The idea is that a narrow gauge railway was built to connect Force Crag mine with the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith railway near Braithwaite. You can read more about Force crag mine here (yes it’s a real place, but the railway isn’t). From the mine the railway or tramway would work it’s way down the valley to the wharf, which I will be modeling. Here there will be a small loco shed, a run round loop, a halt for the miners train and a standard gauge siding. Hopefully the plan below helps to better show off my idea.

That’s the basic idea for the layout of things, I do plan to make the track more “curvy” in reality. And I should point out this plan is not to scale! I’ve drawn a map using google maps to help show the route of the line, click here[2] to view that. The above is the layouts first locomotive, a Peckett from shapeways, I plan to get at least another two of these, they can be found here[3]. It is designed to take the Pro-hobby Carmel Ca-ND 1 which means I’m going to have to figure out a way to add connecting rods to the chassis. Although one idea is to just build a dummy static motion as I’m really not bothered about it having a working motion….call me lazy! I also intend to get a Tyneside models wren and any other small locos that take my fancy, I do have my eye on a few models on Shapeways. On a related note if anyone fancies making the narrow gauge equivalent of one of these[4], the management would be very happy, as we need a powerful and completely fictional loco to work the heavier goods trains!
As for the miners train coaching stock I’m thinking the Peco GVT open 4 wheel coaches might work well. And V tippers for freight stock.
I have all the material to start work on the layout so hopefully things will progress over the next few days.


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