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New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday January 23 2016

Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday January 23 2016
___ bath SITZ
___ Stark, half brother of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones ROBB
Absolutely out of the question! NOSIREE
Actors, to agents TALENT
Beam RAY
Become noticeable in an unpleasant way OBTRUDE
Betrayal PERFIDY
Big natural resource in Malaysia TIN
British port from which John Cabot sailed to the New World in 1497 BRISTOL
Canal problems? EARACHES
Carnival person BARKER
Certain heiress NIECE
Check STEM
City called The Old Pueblo TUCSON
Climax of a TV makeover REVEAL
Corner NOOK
Decorator with good taste? ICER
Donkey s mate SHREK
Falls flat on one s face EATSIT
Freight LADING
French city once held by William the Conqueror CAEN
French pronoun ILS
Great Lakes fish SMELT
Instruction in many a steak recipe SEAR
It keeps things on track GUIDERAIL
John Hancock, notably SIGNEE
Like some plane exits FORE
Marvel superhero MRFANTASTIC
Mythological subject for Leonardo, Correggio and Rubens LEDA
Not given, say LENT
Oh, that s brilliant! NICEIDEA

Old things that are new again REISSUES
Passing sounds? KNELLING
Pitches ERECTS
Player of a green alien in Guardians of the Galaxy and a blue alien in Avatar ZOESALDANA
Realize NET
Real-life New York hospital sometimes seen on Law & Order: SVU BELLEVUE
Repetitive sorts MYNAS
Rightmost column of the periodic table, e.g. GASES
Salty gulp SEAAIR
San ___ REMO
Sawbucks TENNERS
Shield decorated with the head of a Gorgon AEGIS
Shipping platform PALLET
Snack brand since 1975 FAMOUSAMOS
Sprint Cup awarder NASCAR
Squeezing EKING
Subway car during rush hour, seemingly SARDINECAN
Supply-side policies tied to a political era REAGANOMICS
Surround ENCASE
Take to the police station HAULIN
There s a good ___ LAD
This is the life!S AHBLISS
Vasco da ___ GAMA
Very light, delicate material GOSSAMER
Wheel of Fortune penalty LOSEATURN
Wife in John le Carre s The Constant Gardener TESSA
Word with standard or water BEARER

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