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Newspaper Abstracts : Gurley Herald

Gurley Herald Newspaper Abstracts : Gurley Herald
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Description: Misc News;
Mr. Pulley’s Acceptance Speech;
Capt. Logwood Out; Pasture Notice;
Nininger Appointed Receiver

Date: April 21 1898

Newspaper published in: Gurley, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 4

=================== Page 4, Column 1 ===================
Judge Jas. A. Bilbro has already secured enough delegates to nominate him for Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit over his opponent, ex-Judge John M. Talley.
At Philadelphia the battleship Alabama will be launched at Champ s shipyard May 1. Miss Morgan, daughter of United States Senator Morgan, will christen the ship.
In the United States court Mrs. Sallie C. Campbell secured a verdict of $5,000 against McGee and Fink, receivers for the Memphis and Charleston, railway. Mrs. Campbell s husband, a section boss on the Memphis and Charleston, was riding on a handcar when overtaken and killed by a freight train.
The following were selected as delegates to the state convention by the county convention last week:–Lawrence Cooper, Jas. A. Ward, D. C. Gardner, H. P. Turner, W. T. Hamer, John H. Sheffey, John Burke, E. H. Foster, Archie McDonnell, Geo. I. Motz, J. D. Humphrey, Tancred Betts, J. P. Hampton.
The county convention endorsed the administration of Gov. Jos. F. Johnson and reaffirmed allegiance to the Chicago free silver platform. Delegates to the state convention were instructed to vote for Jos. F. Johnston for Governor; Thos., N. McClellan for Chief Justice; W. H Simpson, for Chancellor of the Northern Chancery division and Robert P. McDavid for Secretary of State.

=================== Page 4, Column 2 ===================
Mr. Pulley s Acceptance Speech
We clip the following from the Huntsville Mercury:
The friends of the successful candidate were wild with enthusiasm and it was five minutes before order could be restored. Mr. Pulley was dragged into the hall and carried to the rostrum. His appearance was greeted with another outburst of enthusiasm and he could not be heard for some time. Mr. Pulley spoke only a few words. He said:
Mr. Chairman and you my fellow countrymen:–There is not one particle of exultation in my heart today for this victory; it is too full of gratitude to you, my friends for this kindly expression of your confidence in me. I want you to know that I realize that I am from this day building before you a character; I hope it will always be prudent, conservative, honest and Democratic. I am for good roads, good schools, higher prices for family products and free silver.

Ad for W. T. Roberts, Undertaker.

=================== Page 4, Column 3 ===================
Democratic Nominee for the Legislature From Madison County

=================== Page 4, Column 4 ===================
Capt. Logwood Out
Capt. John E. Logwood has been succeeded in the position of Deputy U. S. Collector y Mr. John Lanier. Capt. Logwood has been a terror to violators of the revenue laws and his successor will have to be wide awake to fill his office.

=================== Page 4, Column 5 ===================
Pasture Notice
Commencing April 1st, I will charge $1.00 per month for all cows in my pasture and it must be paid at the end of each month.
T. R. Hall.
Mr. A. R. Nininger, was appointed receiver for the West Huntsville Furniture Factory yesterday. Mr. Nininger was named by Hon. John Bruce Judge of the United States Court. The petition for the receiver was put in by Blum, Tach & Co., of New York, who secured a judgment of about $2,200 against the said company. The former president, Mr. C. E. Hoy, resigned his position some time ago and Mr. A. R. Nininger was elected to fill the vacancy. The Plant will be put in operation at once by the Receiver for same. Tribune.


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