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NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

WSH 34-8-3

They just keep growing their point lead more and more each week. What is going to slow this team down? View season trend.[1]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

CHI 31-13-4

This team is on fire, winning 11 games in a row. Chicago is starting their dominance a bit early this year. View season trend.[2]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

LA 28-13-3

Finally locking up that Anze Kopitar deal should take a load off of everyone s shoulders. View season trend.[3]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

FLA 26-14-5

That ball is starting to slow down a bit, but there s no denying that this team will probably play in the postseason. View season trend.[4]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

DET 23-14-8

It s time to include Petr Mrazek in the Vezina conversation. It s not a fluke. View season trend.[5]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

STL 26-15-7

It s a bummer the Rams had to leave, but at least the St. Louis area has a good hockey team to cheer for. View season trend.[6]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

NYI 24-15-6

The Islanders have a really strong team, but they should expect more from John Tavares. His 31 points are a lot, but this is a guy that should be leading the NHL in points each and every year. View season trend.[7]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

TB 24-17-4

Here s that Tampa Bay team we ve been expecting. They ve won five in a row. View season trend.[8]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

DAL 29-12-5

The Stars have won just one game in 2016. This team is way too talented to go through an ugly stretch like this. View season trend.[9]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

PIT 21-16-7

With points in their last four games, the Penguins are slowly starting to buy into Mike Sullivan s system. View season trend.[10]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

MIN 22-15-8

Four losses in a row is putting a damper on a great Minnesota season. They ll bounce back soon. View season trend.[11]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

NJ 22-19-5

One of the more underrated trades of the offseason? How about the Devils acquiring Kyle Palmieri? View season trend.[12]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

ARZ 22-17-5

Oliver Ekman-Larsson has really turned into one of the top blue liners in the NHL. View season trend.[13]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

SJ 23-18-2

The Sharks are such a streaky team. They ve won five straight games. They ll probably lose their next five games. View season trend.[14]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

PHI 20-15-8

A lot of people (myself included) count the Flyers out of the playoff race this year. But standout years from both Steve Mason and Michal Neuvirth give the Flyers a case. Wouldn t shock me if they made it anymore. View season trend.[15]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

BOS 23-16-5

Brad Marchand s game-winning goal with 47 seconds left against the Toronto Maple Leafs should really put this team in a good mood. View season trend.[16]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

COL 22-21-3

I feel like the Avalanche are so close to being a great hockey team, they just need to strengthen up that defense a bit. View season trend.[17]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

CAR 20-19-8

The defense will win the Hurricanes more games than they expected, but they just aren t strong enough offensively to be considered a huge threat. View season trend.[18]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

ANA 19-18-7

That David Perron trade is already working out nicely for the Ducks. He s already tallied a goal for Anaheim. View season trend.[19]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

CGY 20-20-3

Huge week for Sam Bennett, who scored the first NHL hat trick of his career this week against the Florida Panthers. His teammates made him do a pull-up in the locker room (Bennett is infamous for not being able to do one at his pre-NHL draft combine). Pretty funny. View season trend.[20]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

VAN 19-17-10

Bo Horvat is in the midst of a pretty incredible stretch. He s got nine points in his last seven games. Hard to believe he s only 20. View season trend.[21]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

NYR 24-16-5

This team quickly went from the very top of the NHL to a team that may be grasping for a playoff spot. It s just not a strong team, plain and simple. View season trend.[22]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

NSH 20-17-8

Why do the Predators keep losing? Look no further than Pekka Rinne, who s rocking a .902 save percentage. View season trend.[23]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

OTT 21-18-6

Remember, this was a playoff team last year that relied on an absurdly unsustainable run by Andrew Hammond. Where s that magic now? View season trend.[24]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

WPG 21-21-3

Blake Wheeler finally had enough of whatever the heck is going on in Winnipeg, voiced his frustration and promptly scored an overtime winner. That s a leader right there. View season trend.[25]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

MTL 23-19-4

You know how many points the Canadiens have accumulated since Dec. 1? Eleven. Eleven total points. View season trend.[26]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

EDM 18-23-5

Sure, this team is really bad now, but do you realize how much fun the Oilers will be when they get Connor McDavid back? View season trend.[27]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

BUF 18-23-4

Patience is key in Buffalo, and whenever they add their top five pick in the 2016 draft, their potential will grow even more. View season trend.[28]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

TOR 16-20-7

With the amount of luck Toronto has this year, does anyone seriously think they will have a shot at the No. 1 pick this year? Nope, no way. View season trend.[29]


NHL Power Rankings | FOX Sports

CBJ 17-25-4

Auston Matthews looked pretty good in red, white and blue. Columbus just has slightly different shades. View season trend.[30]


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