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Operation Stack blights the landscape, ruins our journeys and cost everyone a lot of money. We believe most people could agree with these three facts.

The 1st Consultation which is taking place now and runs until midnight on Monday 25th January, is as we say the first consultation. Nothing and we reiterate nothing is set in stone. Site 1 is not necessarily the Chosen Site .

This 1st consultation is seeking public views on the proposals put forward . We know that WSP/PB Highways England consultants have began monitoring the sites. What that means is they are gathering data, such as air, noise, habitat, hydrology etc. This information will be made available to the public via a second consultation in May 2015 or thereabouts.

So what are we trying to say. Well, in a sense all the information in the public domain at the moment such as maps, the location are all possible as opposed to concrete . It is NOT a done deal.

A few of us have spoken to people at Highways England and to WSP/PB and we understand from what they have informed us, nothing is set in stone. Nothing at all.

At this stage their is no possibility of a legal challenge. Highways England have said they are going to look at other sites, put forward by the public at this the 1st consultation, they are NOT ruling out other possibilities.

Therefore we would like to apologise if we have created the impression to you the public it is a done deal. It is not. There will be a 2nd consultation. What other media outlets are saying is not necessarily the case. As we said, the maps, with outlines of the sites proposed on Site 1 or 2 are just possibilities no matter who has created them. That is why Highways England have just used red blobs, as against definitive boundary outlines.

Another organisation which has been involved is the European Gateway Strategic Delivery Group, made of Kent Police, Highways England, Department for Transport, Kent County Council, Port of Dover, Eurotunnel, Road Haulage Association, Freight Transport Association, Dover District Council and Shepway District Council. The group is chaired by Kent County Council Cllr Matthew Balfour email [email protected]

If you or others can propose a site which may fit the bill Highways England are looking for, do let them know, they are willing to investigate it. Yes you can use the consultation online or you can email them, but please do be polite.

[email protected] Chief Executive Highways England

[email protected] Highways England Asset Manager for Kent.


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