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NV Logistics Talents Cup 2016

NV Logistics will be the title sponsor of the next NV Logistics CSI Talents Cup 2016[1]. This U11 football international tournament accredited by UEFA will present a unique line up of top European team like Juventus, Ajax Amsterdam, Benfica, AS St Etienne, Olympique Lyonnais, FC Basel. NV Logistics is proud to support junior sport competition to allow youth to learn essential values :

Team spirit
Respect for others
The willingness to win

Sport should thus be an indispensable addition to parental and school education.

The choice to support CSI Talent Cup is also to encourage the tremendous work done by the Italian CS Committee to build this tournament and if possible further increase will have on the European level.

A Crowdfunding project has been launched on the website I believe in you[2] . You can also support this tournament from a little 10.- Swiss Francs investment only.


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  2. ^ I believe in you (www.ibelieveinyou.ch)

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