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Olicanalad's Games: X-Wing 'jettisoned freight container', or something

Today I’ve made a prototype ‘jettisoned freight container’ for X-Wing. Of course, it could just as easily be something else, a weird looking communications satellite perhaps.

It took about five minutes to make and a little longer to paint.
It has plenty of inbuilt detail from all angles.
It is, of course, made from a couple of razor heads glued together back to back. I’ve added two thin pieces of plastic over the bit that is supposed to be good for the skin (pale green on this one) because it is actually quite rough, and a piece of 3/32 aluminium pipe along the top. I’ll make another two; another red one and a blue one I think.

Whatever it is, I think it looks to be about the right scale, and whatever scenario it appears in is bound to be called “A Close Shave”.

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