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Pro-Independence Spanish Parties Strike Deal to Form Government …

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  • Swedish prosecutors may finally question Julian Assange over a six-year-old rape allegation, as Ecuador says it has granted permission to a request for such an interview filed by Sweden this week, provided Ecuador s laws are respected. Sweden confirmed on Wednesday that it had formally requested permission to interrogate the famous whistleblower at the Ecuadorian embassy, following an agreement signed by the two countries last month establishing general legal cooperation between them. READ MORE:Ecuador seals deal with Sweden to question Assange at London embassy Ecuador s Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino, told the Publica national radio station on Friday that the country was granting Sweden s request to interrogate Assange as long as the sovereignty of the Ecuadorian state and the laws in the constitution are respected, AP reported. He suggested that Swedish authorities could provide their Ecuadorian counterparts with the questions and they could be asked in the presence of a Swedish prosecutor. Patino also confirmed in the radio interview that Assange will be free to leave his hideout in Ecuador s London embassy and live in Ecuador if Swedish prosecutors do not charge … Continue…[2]

Pro-Independence Spanish Parties Strike Deal To Form Government ...

Pro-Independence Spanish Parties Strike Deal To Form Government ...

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