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Rice Farmer: News Links, January 25, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
2016 Market Meltdown: We Have Never Seen A Year Start Quite Like This

Depression is seen as a long-term part of the business cycle. Which perhaps it is (that is a serious flaw in this economic system, but that’s another story). The bigger cause here which these experts don’t see is net energy decline. We will experience a longer and much more severe depression than would otherwise happen, and there will never be a recovery to the levels of excess attained at the peak of industrial civilization. Instead, the world will crash and then settle at a much lower energy level than now. — RF

If the “solution” doesn’t enable the accumulation of capital in all its forms by individuals and households, it isn’t a real solution–it’s just another top-down scheme that institutionalizes subsistence serfdom.

Nigeria plans up to $5 bln borrowing from sources including Eurobonds: finance minister[2]
Nigeria plans to borrow up to $5 billion from multiple sources, including the Eurobond market, to plug its deficit as it tries overcome its worst economic crisis in years through a record budget, its finance minister said on Thursday.

All Dubai’s glitz has no intrinsic value, which will become abundantly clear in the near future. — RF

In my view, only exceptional weakness in the global economy explains oil dipping into the $20 range. In doing so, the oil market has provided a warning for anyone who is willing to see it.

## War on cash/cashless society ##

Islamic State’s Bloody Decline
Washington’s pundit class has interpreted the Islamic State’s recent turn toward international terrorism as proof of its growing strength, but it may actually represent the opposite, the group’s recognition that its “caliphate” is under stress and shrinking.[3]

All the plans to use plutonium for peaceful purposes in fast breeder and commercial reactors have so far failed to keep pace with the amounts of this highly-dangerous radioactive metal being produced by the countries that run nuclear power stations.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##

## Energy/resources ##

When Malaysian oil giant Petronas announced sharp spending cuts and described a dismal outlook this week, it was confirmation for millions that they will struggle to make ends meet this year amid high costs, a plunging currency and fewer jobs.

## Environment/health ##
Palm oil alternative could help save orangutan[4]

Old nuclear facilities have outlived their usefulness, requiring their shutdown without the money available to clean them up or, in some cases, to keep them from falling apart and spreading their contamination.

NCRP Pressured CDC To Remove Cell Phone Safety Advice
The NCRP was the driving force behind the removal of cautionary advice in a CDC fact sheet on cell phone use. Senior officials at the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements pressured the Centers for Disease Control into deleting the cautionary language in August 2014.[5]

Since Israel decided that Iran was its big enemy and made Saudi Arabia its quiet ally American neocons have fallen in line, demanding that the U.S. government punish Iran and coddle the Saudis whatever their unsavory behavior.

Learning to Love and Use the Bomb
The endless demonizing of Russian President Putin is the new fun game in Official Washington as neocons dream about “regime change” in Moscow and military contractors drool over huge profits from “modernizing” America’s nuclear arsenal, with few thoughts about the heightened risk of nuclear annihilation.[6]

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##

Anyone willingly depending on this for their food deserves to starve. — RF

## UK ##

Hardest sell: Nuclear waste needs good home
The GDF will certainly be an awesome undertaking. It is expected the surface buildings alone will cover 1km sq. The underground tunnels will stretch for 10-20 km sq. On a Cumbria scale, that is bigger than Carlisle. It will take decades to build and predicted costs are almost unguessable – but most estimates agree on billions of pounds.[7]

There will NEVER be enough money! And the same holds everywhere in the world for the unmitigated disaster that is nuclear power. — RF

## US ##

It’s unlikely that the plants will be completed and go into operation, but a lot of money will be wasted. — RF

## The candidates ##

Trump, whose Twitter account is a central piece of his messaging operation, with more than 5 million followers, has passed on tweets from users who espouse white supremacist and openly racist causes in the past.

Panicked Over the Trump Phenomenon
America’s conservative establishment is in panic mode as renegade billionaire Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican presidential race and thumb his nose at the GOP donor class, which is alarmed that all its money might not dictate the outcome this time.[8] Hillary Clinton Seeks Neocon Shelter
Stunned by falling poll numbers, Hillary Clinton is hoping that Democrats will rally to her neocon-oriented foreign policy and break with Bernie Sanders as insufficiently devoted to Israel. But will that hawkish strategy work this time?[9]


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