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Sea Worker Runs Aground off Denmark, Crew Evacuated

Offshore installation vessel Sea Worker[1] ran aground south of Denmark s Hvide Sande on the night between 26 and 27 January while under tow to Esbjerg, A2SEA said in a statement.

Sea Worker got into trouble after a tow line between the vessel and a tug boat broke, after which she started drifting towards the coast and ran aground off Nymindegab. The reason for the accident was a short and worse than expected window of adverse weather conditions, according to A2SEA.

15 crew members aboard the Sea Worker were safely evacuated by a lifeboat from Hvide Sande around 3 AM local time today. The crew was transported ashore and there were no reported injuries. A2SEA s emergency response team has handled the incident according to the company s emergency procedures. The extent of the damage to Sea Worker, if any, has not yet been reported.

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