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Munchhausens watchstrap: Inverse Entropy and Reversible Temporality in quantum cause and effect.

By PD Radford-Hancock

“We exist in three and a half dimensions, whilst observing four dimensions.”

There is a famous philosophical debate that suggests that there may or may not be “turtles all the way down”.
This is often posited as being exampled by what is known as: Munchhausens Trilemma. The debate that has gone on around this appropriation of choices to represent the full measure of possibility is often shown to be a scientific exegesis of why everything must have a cause and effect. There cannot be a God, they say, for Who created God? The Munchhausen Trilemma refers to the anecdote of Baron Von Munchhausen who is said to have pulled himself and the horse he was riding out of the mud by pulling on his own hair. But what if Munchhasuen was wearing a special watch, that allowed time to pass in the opposite direction? perhaps then the trilemma becomes rather quaternary. My proposition is that what we observe as cause and effect is actually inverted. The cause is the effect, and what we percieve as an effect is in fact the cause. This happens because our conciousness is confined to one line of time. We are able to see things in the past affect the present which invites us to speculate about the future. The further we go into the past, the more we require causes that produce present effects. But what if the future contains the causes and the past is the repository of all effects. This would resolve as it were the problems of prescience, and prophetic action, it would clarify omniscience (in as much as we are any judges of it). It would invite us to reconsider dark matter and entanglement. It would explain the copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics not as wavefronts collapsing, but as waveforms becoming. It leads us to an endlessly creative source that we have yet to meet. Current observations of quantum mechanical effects are deeply impacted still by the formalities of classical physics. The apple falls from the tree therefore there is gravity says classical physics. Momentum is the prodigy of gravity, gravity the exemplar of mass, and mass the construction of matter, while matter is the continuing evolution of energy. But what if instead energy is creating matter that produces gravity that gives momentum which moves the apple? We can attest to this being true to some extent. But it is not often thought that the energy which is causing this is in fact flowing from the future into the past. Rather it is seen as the dying embers of a (Big Bang)
But what this interpretation, IE energy being the formal cause, does not explain, is “THE DIRECTION OF THE APPLE”. The same process could be applied to the apple either falling down or FALLING UP. Let us follow the falling up model. In this model time is seen as something that is simultaneously running in both directions but in such a diffuse way as to allow an entropic balancing act between the entropy levels of the past and the future. The subjective experience of effects is based on their formal direction, cause and effect. But in the dark economy of data led statistical inferences about what might be a total “peak gain” of universal materiel and its reactions and compositions, we find there is plenty of space for unitary data about the past present and future to be being shared faster than the speed of light, and to a degree that they agree at all times down to the Planck level and perhaps beyond. This diffusion of past into future and future into past is perhaps the prime interference pattern from which we derive all static and raw stochastic flow. As transformative to our perspective these things may be, yet they would have been able to pass next to unnoticed for a long time because of the division of our subjective consciouness’s into effect seeking and cause producing modes of being. Perhaps there are other modes of being, such as: cause seeking and effect producing? This diffuse nature of past to future and future to past particle behaviour streams may mean that timetravel would be impossible without calculating the billions of precise coordinates and vectors of the target future/past as it sleeted through the cosmos in particles smaller than planck length. An unenviable task, and one that would tire a mortal, in the sense that our twenty first century mind can accomodate.

There exists a matrix of energy, coalesced into matter. Matter has various forms according to how much energy it can or does contain. In classical cause and effect mechanics, entropy is subtracted leaving the composition of that energy depleted by the particular amount of matter moving a particular amount of distance. When all the classical laws of momentum function as they are described, we can predict the finish point of the apple (roughly) when we know its starting position and topology and weight and local gravitational constants. But what if The apple is not moving from creation to annihilation according to classical physics, but in fact entropy is being used to create the apple and order its movement and package it neatly within the tree it fell from which shrinks until it is merely the seed of an earlier parent apple which repeats the procedure Ad Infinitum, or at least Ad Tempus Positum? In this scenario, we have yet to encounter the first ever apple. We have instead seen successive generations of its ancestors starting with the last and moving towards a future time in which the apple is finally created. Gravity would in fact be the force which moves apples from a state of “decay” (in which it contains the possibility of rebirth) up into a relationship with a parralel process,”the apple tree” into which it is consumed and loses mass and energy until it becomes in a nonlinear way what it first was, an apple. Note that in this scenario, it is not assumed that the apple does not fall; it is instead implied that the apple falls down for some subjective reference points, and falls up for other, diffusion enmeshed reference points. Here we have inverted entropy, the greater and more prevalent entropy that truly strips what is created away and neatly packs away everything that it was once composed of. In the case of these kind of biological systems, we can see that instead of multiplication and fruitfulness in the “time forward” order of things, if we reverse the temporality of the apple tree we see it as a classical non linear system which has periodicity and recursiveness. And as with all such systems, they arise spontaneously from a given function, a particular equation or pattern of spacing and series enumeration. In “reversible temporality and inverse entropy”, we have yet to meet the ultimate genesis of the apple. It lays somewhere along the axis of our “future”. The past contains the very final apple, which we, given our three and a half dimensional mindset and habituation, would call “the first” apple. predated by a theorised Big Bang. The “first” apple, may in fact be the very last according to that view, and we may be yet arrive at the level of entropy that is reversed to “Create” the apple.

“The last shall be first and the first last” -Yeshua Ha’Massiach. Is it more logical to say: “The electron somehow went through both slits to create an interference pattern on the screen” or “The interference pattern on the screen emitted an electron that found its way “back” to its most coherant terminus”?

Going back to our apple on the ground, where was it a week ago? hanging on the tree. Where was it a month before that? much smaller! (Entropy?) and a year before that? Part of a smaller tree! (entropy) and a decade before that? A mere sapling. (entropy!) And 3.5 billion years ago? basic elements burning into near extinction. (the expenditure of all energy, resulting in total entropy.)

Perhaps we need a “Big Band” theory. The universe is like a big band or orchestra that rehearses its song (backwards) and then plays it perfectly (forwards). Perhaps this seems counter intuitive because it is “Counter” intuitive.
Maybe this is why Humans (and other animals) need a Parietal interface to engage with reality. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parietal_lobe)
As it is, it can be effectively argued that the best kind of forward thinking is reversed; with the finishing touch being the first thought. Our temporal direction allows us to utilise energy in order to achieve things, but the logistics of that utilisation have to be concieved of first, or the plan cannot but fail. Thus we can say that any great endeavour is concieved backwards. This “planning for purpose” is an essential strata in our temporal affairs and given the dictates of our journey and direction through four dimensional longitude, it requires us to think conceptually and to think about the intended effect before offering possible causes for it. The human mind has proved itself to be sublimely inventive in this capacity, and has produced much technology that utilises reversed thinking to produce effects far in advance of previous generations. I believe that this conceptual level of “reversible temporality” is what is missing from the interpretation of quantum datasets and experimental results, and invites us to wonder anew at the future, while observing the past with greater understanding of its function and composition.

Perhaps the temporal direction, the flow of intention on a physical and universal scale, is something that has polarity and switches back and forth according to a stabilised chaotic function. This would explain the “Big Crunch” cosmology as a heartbeat of the universe being a poleshift in temporal direction. in the centre of eternity is a fulcrum of directive power, sending backwards logistics toward the “big bang” and forward logistics toward the “big crunch” or the dissolute expansion into the background of nothing-ness. This chaotic diffusion of energy , radiating from a central or fluctuating point on the axis of time rather than from one of the ends of the axis, can exert some remedial and stabilising effect on either end of the axis to prevent energy being lost or becoming static. This would make it even more likely to be a feature of the wavelength background of the universe. The munchhasuen trilemma similarly relates to the Big Bang and what might of created it. By allowing for the possibilty of reversible temporality we are able to suggest that entropy can become inverted within the fourth dimension and this then releases us from and resolves the trilemma. Everything makes a lot more sense once it is regarded that we may be heading into the past, and not as we suspected, into the future, and that we have reversed the terms past and future for the practical reasons of our own temporal logistics and natural direction of thought and action within our observations of the four-dimensional space. Certainly our observations of quantum effects have left us with nagging questions concerning the temporal flow of energy. Entanglement, for example, when viewed through the classical filter of physical mechanics seems to be as Albert Einstien put it, “spooky action at a distance” But if we can theorise that the temporal flow is reversed in the case of energy, then we can allow our past to be the terminus of their existence and the future to be their point of encoding and creation. Perhaps it is exactly when we observe them being destroyed that they are in fact being created with tandem chirality and polarised characteristics? we are used to the fireworks of OUR direction of entropy. we have found from watching film backwards what some effects look like in reverse. There is always entropy, always limitation and conservation of means. If they are in fact dancing backwards to one day meet and unify then we have, as it were, a manifest picture of mythological destiny in action, further inviting us to consider a numinous hand at work in their existence.

It is also the case that Heisenburgs uncertainty principle allows us to reflect on the temporal signiture of the times. Perhaps the reason that we cannot identify both the spin and direction of particles can be linked to our attempts to utilise modified and forward facing energy to detect these things. The particle itself is recieving the greater balance of its momentum from the future,kinetically, and we are trying to measure its past performance and predict its outcome. while this may work some of the time for comglomerations of matter, when an electron is isolated it has no option but to operate on default energy logistics. It is not so much being propelled as it is being attracted by a future event. Until that event happens, it cannot be predicted with certainty as it may recive further and differing attraction from the future event that alters its characteristics. Thus our attempt to penetrate its mysterious agenda is occluded by its inate isolation and utter dependence on future events and cannot be known fully because it is traveling toward the future much quicker than our senses are, being less inhibited by mass and conglomerations of matter which become quorate about their behaviour to local conditions. This is a further example of how our abilities to penetrate the secrets of matter and energy are limited by our own configuration of matter and energy which is currently causing us to be aware,and yet ignorant of so many strata of things. What is needed is to liberate ourselves from a monological attitude towards the temporal flow of fundamental energy systems and embrace a conceptual model that supposes that our future is also affecting them, and even perhaps, deciding what we have been able to observe thus far.

So it is that although we observe gravity to be an emanation of mass, because we are used to observing it through the inverse square law, we are unwilling to see it as an emanation of mass and instead consider it as a property of space. It occurs to me that God doesnt just ride the motorcycle of creation, but that at times he does stunts, wheelies and even rides it backwards sometimes! In other words, gravity could flow in BOTH directions, on the sub-Plank level in a diffuse interference with our half of the fourth dimension. This interference could also extend from our half (Past and Present) into its opposite entropy balance (The Near present and the future.)

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