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SNCF merges European rail freight activities

SNCF Merges European Rail Freight Activities

SNCF Merges European Rail Freight Activities

Photo: eldelinux/ CC BY 2.0. SNCF has merged its European freight subsidiaries Ecorail, Ermechem, Ermefret, Captrain Solutions and Captrain UK into a new combined company, Forwardis. The new entity will operate from offices in Paris, formed by the merger of Ecorail and Ermechem, the UK and Berlin, through the merger of Ermefret and Captrain Solutions.

SNCF says the new company aims to offer simpler access to rail, finding the best solutions in continental Europe and managing all resources for the delivery of end-to-end transport services .

With estimated annual revenues of more than ‘ 200 million, Forwardis will operate across three core markets: liquid bulk and hazardous materials, solid bulk and industrial and manufactured goods.

The lead image[1], SNCF Sybic 26174, is licensed under Creative Commons[2].


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