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Software for automatic warehouses

Software For Automatic Warehouses
LCS provides customizable, flexible, and scalable operating software for production and logistics. Solutions are based on MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, and integrate software for production management, data collection and monitoring systems, for simpler production management. The production management program is characterized by user-friendliness, excellent interface usability, and stability of the client/server environment. The procedures of supervisory and data collection can be modified according to the needs of production, storage, distribution, and scalability, creating a flexible system, as required by market trends. The LogiWare software developed for warehouse management, can be easily integrated into the any host system, and every radio frequency terminals available on the market. It can manage even latest RFID and Voice Picking technologies. Its strengths are: real-time availability of data related to goods handling and stock in warehouse; order monitoring; monitoring of picking operations via WiFi technologies.

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