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Surviving a power outage with a toddler

This weekend, we were among the tens of thousands of households in Wake County without power. We lost our electricity around 5 p.m. on Friday. That night we turned on the gas fireplace for warmth. Our house is two stories and we didn t want to leave the fireplace unattended so we got the house as warm as we could before shutting it off for the night. We brought our 2-year-old son to bed with us and we all snuggled beneath several blanks and a down comforter.
It sounds cozy but sleeping in the same bed as a toddler is like sleeping on an old freight train next to a sack of potatoes. He commandeered my pillow, stole most of the covers and slept sideways so that his feet were planted firmly on my back. To make matters worse, he and my husband had no trouble sleeping at all. They snored in sequence while I laid in bed staring at the ceiling praying for the power to come back on.
Each time, I drifted off to sleep thoughts of bandits raiding our neighborhood crept into my head. I have an overactive imagination from years of watching true life crime shows and slasher flicks. I was never happier to see the dawn. But the air around our bed was so cold by morning that I could feel frost forming on my exposed skin. We hoped out of bed, put on layers of clothes and went downstairs to check on the food in the fridge which was still cold for the moment. Thankfully, we have a gas stove so we were able to prepare warm meals.
By noon, we were still hopeful that the power would come back on so we filled our day by doing house chores and playing games with our 2-year-old who handled the disaster much better than his father and

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