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Teams for N Forest mini festival on Sun 7th Feb (at Bournemouth HC)

Dear U8 and U10 parents

Thank you so much for such an enthusiastic response

We will have 2 teams in U10 and 2 in the U8. These are all of similar abilities, and we ve mixed it up to distribute boys and girls, as well as ages groups. A few logistics points:
Please bring a yellow shirt if you have one (and we will have a few spares if you don t)
Please also bring a blue shirt (for when we have a colour clash)
and don t forget the usual gum shield, chin pads, your own stick, warm clothing and snacks

Help on the day
We have a prime helper/coach for each team
Please could parents support their team would be great to have at least one additional volunteer per team

More details re timings and directions to follow.
For those not playing in this tournament training will go ahead as normal at Kings. Coaching will be lead by Yassir Mahmood, Stephen Boyes, Mike Handson &
Kathy Potts.

Hope everyone has a great day,


Anna Croft

U10 A Coach Luke Nolan Helper Tory Lander
Alice Lander
Emily Huff
Susie Jones
Mi-a Selman
Katy Fisher
Holly Fisher
Phoebe Pryde
Amelie Nolan
Elsie Allwright

U10 B Coach Peter Jenkinson Helper Anna Croft
Joe Jenkinson
Caitie Croft
Rio Volanthen
Alice Clegg
Maisie Corbett
Jazzy Finney
Lilly Hawkins
Daisy Lewis
Amelia Hutchin

U8 A Coach Stuart Swift Helper Ben Allwright
Ed Swift
Annie Clegg
Stanley Allwright
Charlie Boyes
Mathilde Birkett
Bertie Lander
Lucy Huff
Tom Nolan
Zara Barker

U8 B Coach Sharon Robertson Helper Sally Walmsley
Oscar Robertson
Oscar Walmsley
Chloe Walmsley
Amelie Carter
Olivia Pryde
Phoebe lewis
Campbell Hope-MacLellen
Edward Kent

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