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So I saw this article over at ZeroHedge[1] this afternoon and it kinda made me go hmmmmmmm. To be honest the map looked pretty accurate for Missouri and Illinois but Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa appeared way out of bounds according to my observations of traveling through large sections of those states over the last year. Of course the article at Zerohedge doesn’t have a link to the original report and it doesn’t mention what four economic indicators the National Association of Counties used to make this map. Even going to the NAoC’s website didn’t turn up a web view-able copy of this report for 2015 but I did find the PDF version for the 2014 report.

So it turns out that two of the four indicators namely Job growth and County economic output are pretty well tied together Rural farming counties in the Plains states had a bumper year agriculturally speaking. Last time I was up well into Nebraska which was in late November they were still going “balls to the walls” harvesting and several of the locals I talked to were saying they doubted they would get it all in before the real cold hit. Missouri and Illinois on the other hand had terrible years agriculturally speaking due to the Spring deluge of rain that didn’t end until July. The epicenter of which was less than 60 miles East of my location that culminated with over 22 inches of rain above normal for the three month period. Southeastern Missouri counties had a good year from what I hear (Might check with SwampDog to be sure) and so as I said the map makes perfect sense to me. Unless by some extreme stroke of luck no county outside the major government and/or educational centers are doing well at all. The best a county could hope for in 2015 was two promising economic indicators out of four due to agricultural or energy sector production and the attending job growth associated with it.

Housing prices and salary seems to be unattainable indicators for almost all but a very small percentile of the total US counties. Folks it’s been over seven years now and actual raw numbers still show no economic movement back to pre-08 numbers without a direct government pipeline feeding that area money. I was going to do a post mentioning the lack of rail movement and dry bulk sea traffic once again but catching this map over at Zerohedge made me change direction. If this ain’t enough to convince you to get your preps in order then I doubt anything will.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!


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