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Top Tips for Getting to Know the Neighbours

So, you ve just moved to a new neighbourhood, you ve unpacked and settled in there s only one thing left on the to-do list: get to know some neighbours. Having some friends on your street can be great, and whether it s watering the plants, feeding the cats or even just keeping an eye out for suspicious activity while you re away, you need an ally to trade favours with.

For some people it s as easy as knocking on the door and introducing yourself, but for the shyer and more reserved among us, it can be a tad trickier. That s okay though, because with these tips you can get to know your neighbours without breaking a sweat.

Top Tips For Getting To Know The Neighbours

Ask for some Local Knowledge

If you re happy to knock on some doors, but you want to be armed with a little conversation then the key is to have a couple of questions. You don t want to make a nuisance of yourself before anybody even knows your name, so this should ideally be something simple where s the nearest post office or what day do we put the recycling bins out? You ll get some added brownie points by making your new neighbour feel useful, a great tactic for making friends.

Expertly Time Your Garden Chores

Top Tips For Getting To Know The Neighbours

A few things that need sorting in the garden? Instead of rushing to get it done, wait until one of your next door neighbours is also outdoors doing some gardening or having a tidy up. This gives you a low pressure opportunity to shout a hearty hello over the fence and the best part of this strategy is that you can just as easily keep the conversation going or beat a hasty retreat, depending on the mood.

Pop Down the Pub

The pub is still the meeting point of choice for many Brits, so if you can show your face a couple of times, people will start to recognise you as one of the locals. A pint or two might help the conversation flow, but you can just as easily get away with guzzling down soft drinks, so long as you remember a friendly smile and a nod. Getting to know some familiar faces can really help you feel at home in a new place, so try out these tips and see if they work for you. If you re still planning your relocation, we can provide stress-free removals in Suffolk[1]; just get in touch[2] online or at 0800 174 909 today.


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