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Trakm8 shortlisted twice for Grant Thornton Quoted Company …

Telematics specialist Trakm8 has been shortlisted for the Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards Technology Company of the Year , while executive chairman, John Watkins, has been shortlisted as Chairman of the Year . The recognition of Trakm8 s achievements follows a two-year period of rapid growth for the company, led by John Watkins. This includes the takeover of fleet management system provider BOX Telematics Ltd in October 2013 while June of last year saw the acquisition of DCS Systems Ltd, a Cornwall-based camera company which owns the RoadHawk dash cam brand. More recently, December saw the acquisition of Route Monkey, offering Trakm8 Group with multi-criterion algorithmic solutions, which are used for scheduling, modelling and optimisation of assets in a wide range of sectors including fleet, logistics, energy, and ultra-low emission vehicles.

Keith Evans, non-executive director at Trakm8, commented: These nominations are a testament to the success of Trakm8 s overall strategy and recognition of its technical excellence. The telematics and M2M markets have experienced strong growth which shows no sign of slowing down, and by investing in the latest technology we are well placed to take advantage of this and being shortlisted for these awards reinforces the strong trajectory the team is embarking on.

The original article can be found at http://fleetworld.co.uk/news/2016/Jan/Trakm8-shortlisted-twice-for-Grant-Thornton-Quoted-Company-Awards-2016/0434023220[1]


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