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Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games Newsletter 29 January 2016 Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this week’s releases and other wargaming product news.

Project Z -The Zombie Miniatures Game. View Article[1]


Bolt Action FAQ – the latest clarifications from Alessio Cavatore.


Dad’s Army – the plucky defenders of Walmington-on-Sea, scenario and new packs available:


FREE Gear or Crew with an Axis or Allied Desert Tank Platoon!


American War of Independence Hessian, British, Field Artillery and Commanders.

Operation Squad:

Merrils Marauders new download available.


Export Sales Manager and UK Account Manager needed Today!

Prize Draw Winner

Each month, every one of our Newsletter subscribers are entered into a prize draw to win a 50 / $80 gift voucher. This January it is a whopping 250!

Find out if you are the lucky one:

The Warlord Games webstore has thousands of historical and sci-fi miniatures just waiting to be deployed onto your battlefield!

You’ll also find all the paints and tools you need to get your new models ready for action, plus rulebooks and dice for our various game systems.

And don’t miss the Deals section[2] if you’re on the look out for a bargain!

Warlord Games Newsletter


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  2. ^ Deals section (warlordgames.us1.list-manage.com)

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