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West Yorkshire Police test response capabilities of BMW i3 Range …

West Yorkshire Police is putting a BMW i3 car range extender to the test to gauge its effectiveness as a response car. The vehicle has been loaned free of charge and will be used in response scenarios across the Bradford District until the end of February. Fleet manager Keith Hidle said: We have been given the opportunity to evaluate this vehicle from BMW, which will be used in patrol scenarios and is capable of responding to emergencies.

By seizing the chance to test this technology, it will give us a greater understanding of the future possibilities and ensure the force remains part of emerging developments.

The force is already testing a Nissan LEAF in the Bradford District and plans have also been agreed to assess a 100% electric Peugeot Partner van.

Hidle added: By looking at a selection of vehicles, we can assess their suitability for policing and identify what will work in a practical sense.

It means we can remain ahead of the game in offering the best service to the people of West Yorkshire with the most cost effective and environmentally friendly resources.

At this stage, we do not have any plans to purchase electric vehicles for our fleet, but when the right time arrives, we will be in a strong position to progress ahead.

The original article can be found at http://fleetworld.co.uk/news/2016/Jan/West-Yorkshire-Police-test-response-capabilities-of-BMW-i3-Range-Extender/0434023256[1]


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