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Wire wrapping | Online Jewelry Tutorials

Being a collector of things (a.k.a. packrat) meant I had to be able to wear them. What good are they in a drawer? I started looking online for wire wrapping classes, as there was nothing at the time in my area. I found a set of DVD s on Ebay. I watched the DVD s many times while I anxiously waited for supplies to come in. I ordered sterling silver half hard wire, gold filled half hard wire and beading tools. These classes seemed so advanced, but they were labeled beginner. Once the supplies came in, I tried my hand at the techniques I had learned from those classes on DVD. I was so disappointed that my creations were nowhere near as pretty as the wire wrapped pendants in the classes. I knew there was a learning curve but the half hard wire was so difficult to play with. Not to mention expensive! That wire was sold by the inch! I quickly had to learn another way or I would go broke. This was also about the time gold and silver wire prices had sky rocketed.
I watched those DVD s one more time, and then sold them on Ebay. I went to the bead store and bought more wire. I got copper wire and colored craft wire. I also made sure that wire was dead soft so I could learn the techniques. I tried what I learned in those DVD classes again. This time, my pendants looked much better. And I made them a lot cheaper. If I made a mistake, I simply cut off the wire and tried again. My wire wrapping skills improved and so did my confidence. I was soon wrapping everything I could get my hands on.
I decided to try my hand at teaching wire wrapping classes as well. No, not the advanced stuff I struggled through. I taught what I thought would be the easiest techniques for a beginner. It worked. I have been teaching the wire wrapped cabochons class at the bead store where I work for about 6 years now. I teach two different techniques; one wire wrapping and two wire wrapping. I also teach an advanced wire wrapping class as well in which a four wire wrapping lesson is taught. Other wire classes have included basic findings, wire crochet, and Viking knit. I guess you could say wire is my passion!
My live classes have translated into online tutorials on my website, Online Jewelry Tutorials. I currently have 7 wire tutorials that teach different types of wire skills. Love Knot Head Pins[1] is a beginner class that uses basic tools to create a knotted head pin. Lanterna[2] uses a fluted rondelle bead to create a spiraled pendant. Swirled Bracelet[3] gives you step by step instructions for a swirled unit which is multiplied into a bracelet. Turquoise Dreams[4] creates a frame to capture any flat pendant. Treasure Keeper[5] and Interchangeable[6] make pendants that open to allow you to change out the contents. Whimsical Wire Nest[7] creates a small nest pendant using scrap wire and leftover beads.


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