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Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

Hi bbs! So I m pretty sure everyone knows I m pretty into the vape scene especially on Instagram[1], where I run a vape page and promote vape related products such as juice and accessories (still waiting for someone to send me some hardware to review or promote huehue). Before Christmas I got myself the Wotofo Phantom mech mod as a little present to myself and a few people have been asking for a review, so here it is! Sorry it s taken way longer than it should have, but I hope it s useful! So I got my lovely little Wotofo Phantom for 29.99 from Evolution Vaping[2]. Great customer service, nice range of products and super fast shipping! I mean FAST! I ve ordered from them twice and both times I was amazed at how quickly my purchases arrived! The Wotofo Phantom comes in 5 finishes: white, Tiffany blue, black, copper and steel. It was hard for me to decide between the Tiffany blue and white but I eventually decided on white since it s easier to match with other colours hehe.

Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

At first glance this mod is just plain gorgeous. A sleek, matte white finish with the Phantom design on the firing pin I fell in love instantly and had to get it! Upon receiving my mod I was very pleasantly surprised with its quality For under 30 this is a super luxe item! Good weight, beautiful finish and comes with so many extras, very very well packaged in this cool little box.

Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

Now those extras I mentioned Forrealllzzz guys I am so impressed! The set came with two top caps, hybrid and standard (for mech noobs like myself, hybrid mode can be pretty volatile and I should warn you that when you unpack your mod it comes with the hybrid top cap already on. Switch to the standard top cap if you re unsure!); two 24K GOLD PLATED springs (with different stiffness levels, the harder one is pre installed but you can switch it out easily if you prefer a more springy firing pin like I do); a spare floating pin, a spare delrin insulator, a Wotofo polishing cloth and a card of authenticity as well as the mod and firing pin. Can I just digress for a minute and talk about the 24K GOLD PLATED SPRINGS?! And the RHODIUM PLATED FLOATING PINS??? These are high end materials guys. Definitely not something you expect to get with a 30 mod. The Wotofo Phantom is marketed as a beginner mod but seriously. These are some TOP DOLLAR MATERIALS.

In the photo below you can see the extras I received, with the hybrid top cap featured because I am currently using the standard top cap.

Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

So as you can probably tell I m pretty much blown away by how much I got for under 30. Moving on to whether or not it actually works! I m actually very happy for the adjustable floating pin, because the one on my Royal Hunter RDA makes the center pin go all wonky so I prefer not to touch that. However it can be somewhat temperamental, it won t fire if the top cap is screwed in too tightly so you might have to jiggle it around to get a good fit. Other than that it hits like a freight train and paired with my Tiffany blue Royal Hunter (which I also got from Evolution Vaping) it gives great cloud and flavor production. I had a couple people warn me that white might discolour easily, but I ve had it for a good 2 or 3 weeks now and although it does stain pretty easy if I ve got makeup on my hands, all I have to do is wipe it off and it s as good as new. It s still as white as it was when I first got it. My brother told me to expect staining if i get juice on it, but I didn t experience any staining of the sort. I did see some pictures on Instagram of a black Wotofo Phantom with some paint chipped off, so the first thing I did when I got it was kinda scratch at a hidden surface to see if it would ruin the finish, but it displayed no signs of wear then and still hasn t now. Mind you I don t take my mod out with me, I prefer to leave it at home and take my Snow Wolf and Horizon Arctic tank for outings, but still, pretty impressive. Just don t drop your mod and keep it safe in a pouch or case when you take it out and you should be golden! One thing I d just like to mention as a side note is, when I received my mod there was a teeny tiny case of unevenness in the finish at the edge of the top cap and a little chip on the edge that meets with the firing pin. I can t get a good picture of these because the discrepancies are so minute, but really this is a very very small detail, not a big deal at all and the finish has remained as it was up to today. Definitely durable and they probably occurred during production, which is fair enough when you get a product that is mass produced.

All in all I m extremely happy with my purchase. This mod receives a 9/10 mark from me, the only reason I m not giving it a full 10 is due to the minor discrepancies in the finish which you can t even see in the pictures. The biggest plus point for me is all the spares and extras I got with my mod, and it s just a beautiful simple mod all around. I m super happy with how it looks and feels paired with my Royal Hunter. An absolutely gorgeous setup wouldn t you agree?

Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

So there you have my first ever full length vape review. I hope I did alright! Let me know if you have any questions or if there s anything you d like me to add. I d love to hear your feedback if you ve had any experience with this mod so feel free to leave a comment!

I m currently dripping Bear Claw by DRPN Donuts[3], with WatacloudCandy[4] wick and Tradition Vapes[5] Quad Twisted premade coils. I currently work alongside the above brands and I just want to say thank you to them for being a pleasure to work with and for providing me with such awesome stuff! Thanks for reading guys! Have some pictures of the items I mentioned above, they re all definitely worth the investment so you should check out the links I provided if you re into some great vape essentials!

Wotofo Phantom Mod Review! Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

Want me to review or promote your product or brand? I m always happy to help out companies that cater to my kind of weirdness! Feel free to email me at [email protected] or drop me a DM on Instagram[6], or even just leave a comment below Looking forward to hearing from you!

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