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Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group Notes from 1/9/16 Rehearsal

from Mark Sustic

Thanks to all who attended the rehearsal on January 9th at the Elley Long Music Center in Colchester, including those first arrivals and late departures who pitched in to help with set up and clean up. It was the 6th rehearsal of 9 total . only 4 more rehearsals before the group leaves for Ireland! Appreciation again to Thom Wood and the Vermont Youth Orchestra for accommodating us. Our need for break-out space behind the orchestra room wasn t anticipated, but everyone has been very cooperative in making those options available. We started the session with the usual set up of chairs in a circle, this time including most of the adult travelers, in addition to parents of group members interested in hearing more about the trip from Deb Flanders and Mark. Besides introducing themselves, everyone talked about what interested them the most in going to Ireland. Hoping we can make all of it happen! Thanks to Andrea Beaton for joining us, teaching some step dances for the Cape Breton set in the program, and joining in with the contra dance band before leaving. Andre Brunet will be with us as a guest instructor on 3/12/16. We re-recorded everyone singing Let the Life I Lead[1] together and also recorded the Maine Drag Set[2]. Forgot to turn on the HD controls, so the quality isn t the best, but both are now posted on the Facebook page, on the Young Tradition Vermont web site[3] and the GoFundMe[4] campaign.

Recordings from the rehearsal are available on Google docs[5]. If you try it and it doesn t work for you, send Mark a message [email protected] Sometimes it takes a specific invitation to get it to work. Cooper wasn t at the last rehearsal, but was able to access the recordings in this way. Deb Flanders and Mark talked about Ireland tour logistics for about 10 minutes. After leaving Pete with the performing members of the group, they met with adult travelers and parents of group members not traveling with more information and answers to questions, finishing up at about 11am. Mark talked to Mike C, Carolyn B, Julie W, Kathy R, Calvin W and others about fundraising projects after Deb F left. The question is no longer will the Ireland tour happen or not? .. the answer is now yes, it will! The question now is will we raise enough money to not create a financial disaster for YTV!? We HAVE to raise the money through fundraising projects, and we are relying on everyone, their families, friends and neighbors doing a lot to make it all possible.

Mark gave every member of the group fund raising assignments ..

  • everyone was to take and sell 5 CDs and sells them ($10 or more each) .. you have to sell them, buy them yourself, and return the $ or the CDs at the 2/20 rehearsal .we HAVE to sell ALL 200 to meet that funding target
  • everyone is to sell at least 2 shirts ($20 each) you have to sell them, buy them yourself, and bring the $ to the 2/20 rehearsal .. we will give you the shirts then (sizes are small, medium and large) pre-ordered group member shirts with tour information on the back will not be available until we are about to leave for Ireland .. bonus: if group members sell more than 2 shirts each, Mark buy them lunch in Ireland, if they sell more than 4, Mark will buy them lunch again in Ireland, if they sell more than 6 he ll buy them lunch a 3rd day in Ireland!
  • everyone was to take and sell 10 raffle tickets ($10 each, $25 for 3) .. you have to sell them, buy them yourself, and return the $ or the raffle tickets at the 2/20 rehearsal
  • everyone is to sell at least one contribution to the sponsor banner ($100 per sponsor) .. you have to sell one (or more), or buy one for yourself, and come with the $ to the 2/20 rehearsal .. the deadline for having this taken care of is 3/12

The GoFundMe[6] crowd sourcing project was launched on 1/15/16. An additional fundraising responsibility is to share this with as many family, friends and neighbors as possible. The violin raffle is going well. In fact we re running low on tickets. If anyone took tickets they are having a hard time selling, send Mark a message and we ll figure out a way to get them before the 2/20/16 rehearsal. As you know, the grand prize is the stunning and amazing $13,000 violin made by James Banicki at the Burlington Violin Shop, made possible by Kathy Reilly, Oren Kronick and Vermont Violins. When we do the drawing at intermission at the 4/2/16 concert, there will be several other prizes given prior to announcing the violin winner, including ..

  • $156 value: Keurig machine with 4 24-serving cases of individual brew cups from Mike Conlogue and Keurig (thanks to Mike Conlogue)
  • $85 value: Folksongs of Another America Dust-to-Digital book/CD (thanks to Doug Campbell)
  • $25 value: Through Irish Eyes book (thanks to Malachy McCourt)
  • $20 value: Vermont Celtic Company t-shirt and stickers

If you have additional ideas for raffle prizes, send Mark a message at [email protected] If anyone needs posters for any of the upcoming performances, pick them up at the 2/20/16 rehearsal. If you can help with posters in Central Vermont for 2/20/16, send Mark a message at [email protected] and he ll mail you some.

Mark is talking to Pete about a list of Irish session tunes for performances with hosts. We re reaching for at least 3 sets with 2 to 3 tunes each, tunes most members know, that our group could lead on, that members have played at sessions with others. We will send what we come up with to our Boston and Ireland hosts to pick from for performing with them. The itinerary continues to come together. Its getting VERY exciting in fact! The places we are going to be playing, with and for whom will be amazing! At least 3 or 4 legendary sessions, a half dozen schools, several evening concerts, a World Irish Music Academy college tour, site seeing at the Cliffs of Mohr, historic district in Youghal (near where Vermont s Ira Allan was imprisoned on a ship by the British during the revolutionary war) and Blarney Castle, master sessions with some of the most well known, respected and accomplished musicians in Ireland today its going to be hard to not be impressed! We are definitely playing on 4/15 at the Burren in Somerville (near Boston), a shared evening with the Trad Youth Exchange Project, who have been to Ireland and hosted young musicians from Ireland several times in the past. Thanks to Romy and Ben s dad, we have a school bus to get us to Boston on 4/15, and back on 4/24 .. and we have a place to stay Friday night, for those who need it. More details about the itinerary to come.

Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group Notes From 1/9/16 Rehearsal

Trad Youth Exchange in Boston

Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group Notes From 1/9/16 Rehearsal

East Clare Young Musicians, hosts in Tulla

Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group Notes From 1/9/16 Rehearsal

Youghal Comhaltas musicians, hosts in County Cork

Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group Notes From 1/9/16 Rehearsal

An Diseart Chapel in Dingle, final performance location


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