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Entries now open for first annual logistics awards – Wellingborough …

Entries Now Open For First Annual Logistics Awards – Wellingborough ...Entries are now open for the first annual Northamptonshire Logistics Awards competition which was launched earlier this week.

Designed to celebrate the success and achievements of individuals and teams working in the sector across the county, the awards will raise the profile of the industry and help to promote the excellence of logistics operations in the area. While the awards are aimed at showcasing the success of the sector in Northamptonshire, they will also help to encourage young people to think of logistics as a career option with the deadline for applications being Tuesday, March 29. There are seven awards in total: Team of the Year, Young Person of the Year, Inspirer in Schools Community Award, Innovation Award, Large Company of the Year, Small Company of the Year and Achiever of the Year Northamptonshire Logistics Person of 2016.

Tim Bagshaw, head of business and innovation at the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, said: Northamptonshire is at the heart of the logistics industry in the UK.

The Northamptonshire Logistics Awards will celebrate the success and achievements of those logistics businesses based in the county.

Property developments such as the expansion of DIRFT will require many thousands of new employees in the coming years and the Awards will go a long way towards providing much needed insight and inspiration to our potential logistics workforce of the future. The awards were devised by the new Northamptonshire Logistics Forum as part of a series of initiatives designed to support the county s growing sector. For more information about the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards 2016 and to download an application form, click here[1].


  1. ^ click here (www.northamptonshireep.co.uk)

Brexit: What worries Europe's wealthiest – Financial Occasions …

Sterling may be the primary worry. Goldman Sachs has believed a small amount of 20 percent should Britain leave the EU and contains already came by 4 percent from the dollar since David Cameron introduced the June referendum date. Wealth managers report this is actually the issue which has spooked the super-wealthy greater than every other. They be worried about a domino effect that begins with the Conservative party being torn apart with a leadership challenge in case of Brexit, and ends using the Work party under Jeremy Corbyn thinking of getting a potential go back to Number 10. Political pollsters may think this is not likely, however the wealthy as well as their advisors fear it might happen. At the moment, individuals who#8217;ve spent greater than seven years within the United kingdom need to pay a yearly control of between 30,000 and 90,000 for the way lengthy they#8217;ve been in the united states. Under new rules introduced in by last year s summer time Budget, only individuals happen to be resident for less than fifteen years from every 20 will be qualified for non-dom status. Every successive tweak towards the rules boosts the fears held through the super-wealthy that at some stage the status is going to be suspended entirely.

However with every dip comes an chance. Andrew Monteath, mind of research at DampG Resource Management, states as fund managers they#8217;d view this as a purchasing chance and we#8217;d advise our clients accordingly . Point about this problem is expressed behind the closed doorways of wood-panelled offices, as clients quiz their wealth managers regarding the damage or indeed, advantage that Brexit could confer on their own finances. She predicts that United kingdom equities often see an additional 2-3 percent sell in case of Brexit, which GDP growth could be materially reduced than the usual no-change scenario , adding that traders should remain especially alert to negative final results for United kingdom financial services firms.

It is not only high-flying City types who will dsicover themselves transferring. For individuals employed in the wealth management sector, the greater pressing problem is whether or not they would have jobs if the wealthy choose to relocate and when their companies could follow them abroad. Joe Fournier runs a series of bars and restaurants all over the world, together with a business in A holiday in greece. It will affect me massively, he states. At as soon as, I#8217;m able to conduct business any place in Europe and you never know what could happen with this.Inches

Paul Barnes may be the mind of campaigns for Conservatives Abroad. Residing in the south of France, he, like many Tory-sympathising expats, is torn around the benefits and drawbacks of remaining area of the union.

Would Brexit get better because of the rich?

There is really a chance [should Brexit undergo] the United kingdom becomes like Singapore and Hong Kong and attempts to appeal straight to the non-dom, indicates Ben Kumar, investment manager at Seven Investment Management, an abundance manager, who argues this might accentuate the capital s appeal like a playground for that rich . The super-wealthy will doubtless curently have globally varied portfolios, but this is the time to look at your contact with sterling or consider whether it#8217;s really a period to purchase.

Roughly 140,000 clients of United kingdom wealth managers live abroad, usually individuals who#8217;ve upon the market to nations for example The country, France and Italia. If Brexit spelt the finish of mix-border passporting plans that permit United kingdom companies to cope with clients living abroad, what can wealth managers have to do to make sure their customers weren#8217;t lost to Geneva or Frankfurt? Kleinwort Benson can also be counseling traders to appear towards the lengthy term. Inside a note, the non-public wealth manager states Brexit uncertainty could lead to possibilities to reap lengthy-run returns by trading in cheap and oversold assets . Establishing a totally separate unit in continental Europe may be the best way for this, states John Barrass, deputy leader from the Wealth Management Association. He fears that lots of smaller sized advisors wouldn#8217;t have the ability to cope.

Any move through the super-wealthy from London might have a greatly harmful impact on our prime-finish residential market, property consultants say. Mister Tom Hunter, Scotland s first homegrown billionaire, states you will find other conditions on the line. The referendum, he states, will also determine Scotland s future role within the UK .

Would Brexit send non-doms towards the exit?

Once we probe what s worrying the richest, you will find training for people in how you can manage our very own money when confronted with a potential Brexit. Using the referendum looking for June 23, the controversy continues to be coloured to date through the fear factor with regards to the harmful impact from the United kingdom departing the EU. But Brexit may also bring possibilities not just for entrepreneurs and also the wealthy, but additionally to help establish the United kingdom because the world s pre-eminent wealth management center.

For bigger wealth managers UBS or Credit Suisse, for instance this isn#8217;t a problem, and can even end up being a benefit when it comes to attaining new clients. Brexit doesn t change financial services, as it s already fragmented, states Phil Higson at UBS Wealth Management. However it will make it tougher for new newcomers, he states. The more difficult it#8217;s, the greater obstacles to entry you will find for other people to visit pan-European, he adds.

The primary things that can make someone for the reason that profile consider departing would be the status of the tax and treating their capital and earnings, states Seb Dovey, co-founding father of Scorpio Partnership, an abundance management working as a consultant.


These individuals are frequently the wealth designers, states Jamie Morrison, someone at chartered an accounting firm HW Fisher amplifier Company. If these folks aren t here it s harmful to business. For that wealthy with houses all over the world, national ties are largely irrelevant. What counts more is political stability and security as well as an beneficial tax regime. Even though Britain tugging from the EU might appear much more about trade and financial aspects, the super-wealthy are deeply concerned about the knock-on results of a possible Brexit. For many United kingdom-based entrepreneurs, the possibilities of further many years of uncertainty might be an excessive amount of.

UK s EU referendum: full dental coverage plans and analysis

If Brexit experiences, will EU excellent living and dealing here all of a sudden have to try to get a visa to remain? In the event that happens, many anticipate seeing an exodus of talent from London, particularly.

Should individuals who operate in finance be fearful?

Nonetheless, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber, a Saudi businessman, leader and founding father of MBI Worldwide Group, a conglomerate with interests in tangible estate and hotels all over the world, told the Foot that although he#8217;d like the United kingdom in which to stay the EU, but it wouldn#8217;t affect his readiness to take a position here. Around the flipside, BlackRock, the world s biggest resource manager, alerts that publish-Brexit money flowing in to the United kingdom could slow, piling pressure on domestic causes of funding for that budget deficit and raising United kingdom bank funding costs . Although it would take a minimum of 2 yrs for that United kingdom to navigate its way from the labyrinthine corridors of The city and Strasbourg, the results of the possible departure happen to be being felt. Brexit has spooked the foreign currency marketplaces and traders have moved rapidly to market lower sterling-denominated assets towards the dollar.

The immediate outlook doesn#8217;t look promising. United kingdom business investment has fallen by 2.1 percent within the last quarter of 2015, after growing by a typical 1.4 percent within the preceding nine several weeks.

This is definitely an unfortunate time for you to give companies another thing to bother with,Inches states Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist for Europe at JPMorgan Resource Management. You#8217;ll also have effects for British expatriates working abroad and nearer to home, the capital s property market. Freedom of motion when it comes to work or living abroad is among the central tenets from the EU. If that#8217;s repealed, what#8217;s going to occur to the five.6m British expatriates remains unclear.

As well as for wealthy United kingdom entrepreneurs with companies across Europe, Brexit could be more prone to cause disruption than desertion.

How can entrepreneurs see the outlook?

I don t think there#8217;d be an instantaneous impact to business that London would all of a sudden lose its global appeal like a financial center, states Iain Tait, mind from the private investment office at London amplifier Capital. We saw lots of a debate round the non-dom issue that people would discover their whereabouts visit Geneva however it just didn t happen. Six several weeks following the United kingdom left the exchange rate mechanism in 1992, UK equities rallied by 25 percent and government bonds also carried out well , it states. Richard Ross, philanthropist and chairman from the Rosetrees Trust, which funds scientific research, is practical about Brexit. It is harmful to consider with an uncertainty after which find you re wrong, he states. There s a Yorkshire saying of my dad s which appears appropriate: When doubtful, do nowt.

Yet once the levy was initially introduced in 2008-09, suggestions it might result in an exodus from the wealthy from United kingdom shores demonstrated largely unproven. Actually, just below 120,000 non-doms were registered within the United kingdom for that tax year 2013-14 1,500 greater than the year before. Whether or not they might move even more afield remains a moot point. What Brexit would do for that United kingdom economy is the topic of fierce debate. But you will find strong voices, both within politics and also the City, quarrelling the country s financial services sector may need a relaxation of the present EU rules. The cap on bankers bonuses, for instance, might be scrapped.

Questions now remain concerning the possible impact of the further retrenchment through the super-wealthy, particularly on house prices in prime London locations for example Westminster and Kensington amplifier Chelsea. Greater property taxes for overseas purchasers have previously creamed a few of the froth from the super-prime market. Dark night Frank reported prime manchester sales fell by 1.1 percent in the last six several weeks.

If you had been to determine an exodus of rich individuals from London and also the United kingdom, it might be fair to visualize the interest in qualities would decline and costs would weaken, states Liam Bailey, global mind of research at Dark night Frank. Getting made it the fallout from 2014 s independence referendum, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon leaves Scotland s wealthy in without doubt a no election from Britain would almost certainly trigger another independence election.

Brexit may also throw a spanner within the works of the multimillion-pound deal for any hotel and beach club Mr Fournier is presently focusing on in Mykonos. That could very rapidly scupper my deal, he states. I m not likely to invest millions midway around the globe if you will find limits on my small going there.

The expat existence

If Britain votes to Bremain we#8217;d expect the majority of this hit to investment to become corrected, she adds.

I have selected to become a French citizen, he states. I pay my taxes in France. If Britain arrives, would I have the ability to still live here?

To my thoughts it s attorney at law round the boardroom, attorney at law round the dining room table,Inches states Seb Dovey at Scorpio, summing in the mood from the UK s super-wealthy. But nobody appears to become firing in the jet to maneuver at this time.Inches

Yet for other people, Brexit doesn#8217;t represent a significant gear change when it comes to how London is perceived through the relaxation around the globe.

Could Brexit hit London property?

However, the effects for highly compensated professionals within the finance industry might be made the decision on their behalf. Concerns happen to be elevated the financial sector faces many years of uncertainty if the United kingdom public election to depart in June. The knock-on impact on jobs has numerous within the City worried. And Neil Woodford, our prime-profile investor and fund manager, has additionally been remarkably sanguine, saying traders shouldn#8217;t fear a Brexit.

With the immediate uncertainty connected using the referendum removed, traders might begin to see the relative weakness of sterling like a reason behind restored curiosity about United kingdom assets, at any given time once the goods sector is anticipated to become a lesser continue FTSE earnings of computer has developed in the past couple of years, and also the consumer side from the economy continues to be carrying out well. Around the campaign trail this year, in france they president introduced a 75 percent tax on individuals generating greater than ‘ 1m. Meant to nudge the nation to economic health, the shortlived policy demonstrated a benefit for auctions in London s South Kensington rather because the French chosen using their ft and gone to live in multimillion-pound qualities within easy reach from the highly ranked Lyc e Fran ais.

This is less about structural moving, adds Iain Tait based in london amplifier Capital. It is much more particularly market-driven . . . so stay lengthy dollar and . . . hold a powerful US bias instead of Europe and also the United kingdom.

Outlook for traders

When the overall election required place [this past year], there have been real concerns by what the end result might be if your different government found power having a different outlook on non-doms, states Phil Higson, vice-chairman of worldwide family office at UBS Wealth Management. It may appear just like a secondary issue, but that s the part [from the Brexit debate] that individuals are very thinking about.Inches

Those firms might not have the ability to cope with [European clients] if it is an excessive amount of to obtain authorisation in the individual nations, he alerts.

The surface of the worry list is whether or not clients non-dom status which enables individuals having a permanent home outdoors the United kingdom to pay for a surcharge instead of tax on their own overseas earnings could once more belong to threat. So, in case of Brexit, can it be a situation of goodbye London, hello Singapore, New You are able to or Geneva? For Europe s richest, cash is mobile. To gauge how quickly Britain s possible departure in the Eu could shift their financial strategy, you just turn to Fran ois Hollande.

Clearly Singapore is a vital center for wealth in Asia along with other areas get their points of interest, states Iraj Ispahani, leader of Ispahani Advisory. But the United kingdom isn#8217;t seen simply like a jurisdiction. Here you will find the rule of law, political stability, the caliber of the training and also the general quality of existence over-all that#8217;s available. People really enjoy living and dealing here, and so i think the pull towards the United kingdom remains.

Ultimately, you will find myriad additional factors the super-wealthy is going to be evaluating. Schools, security, London itself like a vibrant center of culture and night life many of these play towards the rich residing in the United kingdom. But you never know? Even they#8217;re waiting to determine what goes on next.

See the FT s comprehensive help guide to the election on whether Britain should remain in Europe, with the latest news, analysis and commentary from each side from the debate. See more

On balance, he adds, he thinks he#8217;d do most famously while he is married for an Austrian. But what can my tax implications be? he asks. Would I, like a Brit, be considered a French or British citizen?

The moment Britain leaves we#8217;re able to see adverts saying, Come to Britain it s just like Europe but you ll get special therapy if you are wealthy , he predicts.

People might move his or her job doesn t exist anymore,Inches states Simon Phelps, someone within the private client group at Berwin Leighton Paisner. If they re a higher-carrying out worldwide financier, they may proceed to Paris or Frankfurt, that might mean the entire climate based in london like a European melting pot could easily get a great deal quieter. Traders might the Brexit argument is becoming too fully listed in sterling and become asking whether or not they should increase [their exposure] , argues Phil Higson of UBS Wealth Management. Fears over employment operate a close second. High earners within the financial sector are divided over if the Town of London will thrive or just survive inside a publish-Brexit atmosphere. Most are already weighing the logistics of transferring overseas which, consequently, is vexing the London-based experts who presently advise them.


Then there s the inevitable disruption to corporate existence of particular concern to entrepreneurs with European business empires, but in addition for traders generally.

Instability and uncertainty breed stasis not only to deals for example Mr Fournier s around Europe, but additionally when it comes to people searching to purchase the United kingdom.

New £56m Robin Hood Airport terminal to M18 link road opens …

It opened up towards the public almost an hour or so in front of schedule at approximately 15:10 GMT. Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Johnson, stated: #8220;It is a regrowth road that#8217;s first rateInch. The 2nd phase from the FARRRS, that will join the airport terminal to Bawtry Road, is anticipated to start later this season.

Dan Fell, leader from the Doncaster Chamber, stated: #8220;This road is completely important to the continuing economic regrowth of Doncaster and also the wider Sheffield City Region.

James Vincent, Look North

The airport terminal link road has developed in the planning to find the best a part of ten years and, despite the fact that it does not go quite towards the airport terminal (yet), will still be likely to mean a great deal to Donny.

The very first portion of a 56m dual carriageway connecting the M18 with Robin Hood Airport terminal continues to be formally opened up. Across the three miles of recent road is a huge distribution center that is being promoted being an #8220;Inland Port#8221; and 1,200 new homes in Rossington.

50m plus price of road and it is less than there yet. Jobs, homes and investment #8211; the 3 things Doncaster needs.

The section ranges from the M18 to Parrot#8217;s Corner, in regards to a mile from the airport terminal. The 2nd phase is planned and funded, although not built yet. That#8217;ll be the street that can take you straight to the departure gate. It will likewise improve road accessibility iPort logistics park and housing around the former Rossington Colliery.

#8220;It#8217;ll unlock growth in the airport terminal, opens the iPort and development in the logistics sector as well as improve connectivity in the region for indigenous companies.#8221;

The 3-mile road, which required greater than 2 yrs to construct, continues to be named Great Yorkshire Way. You can state that instead of to be the airport terminal link road, this might be referred to as Yorkshire Wildlife Park link road. That attraction may benefit just as much in the enhanced access because the airport terminal will.

The Finningley and Rossington Regrowth Route Plan (FARRRS) runs from Junction 3 towards the A638.

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