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Same Day Courier in London

Our express couriers deliver across the UK 24/7. Many towns are visited within a day with many our of drivers taking an interest in the towns they visit. We felt it would be fun to share the facts our drivers discover whilst visiting towns around the UK.

We ve also got our team at Speedy Logistics Ltd HQ to do their own research and add even more super facts. This week our facts come from a Courier in London. To become an efficient courier in London requires patience, local knowledge and attention to detail.

A Black cab driver is required to learn approx 320 routes around London covering 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks, which gives you an idea on how much knowledge is required by a Courier in London. Many of our drivers are supported by advanced Sat Nav technology, but due to the fast nature of same day couriers many of our dedicated drivers rely on local knowledge to aid them on the fastest route around London. London offers some fantastic parks to rest and relax during a lunch break, in fact London is one of the greenest cities of its size in the world.

Almost 40 per cent of greater London is covered in green space. One of our busiest years for our courier in London was during 2012 when London held the Olympics.

2012 was the third time London has hosted the Olympics. Something our drivers are familiar with in London is the congestion zone.

The congestion charge zone was introduced in central London in 2003 as an attempt to improve traffic congestion. Many of our collections and deliveries within London are to retail outlets, blue chip businesses and small business owners. Small businesses represent approximately 97 per cent of all businesses in the capital.

We enjoy supporting local independent businesses and offer account holder benefits for those wishing to use our services on a regular basis. If you re interested in booking a courier in London, head to our instant quote page 1 or call us on 0800 133 7811 photo credit: J. A.

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Same Day Courier in London

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Courier in Bournemouth

With the weather changing and the nights drawing closer, you may think it s not really the best time to visit a coastal town, but our courier in Bournemouth is always happy to visit the beach. With retail parks, high street shops, blue chip businesses and industrial estates packed into Bournemouth our courier is kept busy with 24/7 Express deliveries 1 . Bournemouth is easy to access with main roads providing connections with roads to Southampton and Exeter.

This makes it a perfect location for 24/7 collections and deliveries for our courier in Bournemouth. Our drivers make regular collections in and around Bournemouth on a daily basis and have been known to experience some of the attractions that appeal to tourists. The BIC opened in 1984 and hosts entertainment, conferences, exhibitions and events.

Another great attraction worth a visit is the Bournemouth Eye, a helium-filled balloon attached to a steel cable in the town s lower gardens. The balloon carries up to 28 passengers up to a height of 630 ft which provides a panoramic view of the surrounding Bournemouth. Many of our Bournemouth drivers are local to the area and benefit from knowledge of times when the town is most congested or popular with tourists.

We strive to meet the fastest collection times we can to ensure your goods are delivered on time so are drivers are constantly expanding their local knowledge to select the best route to and from you.

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Courier in Bournemouth

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