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Re: GLGI – Greystone Logistics

Perhaps it is short sighted, but I used today (and the seekingalpha article) to sell out of my (and my kids’) position(s). IF the AB stuff works out my sale will be a bad one. I am curious about your reasons to sell now?

Do you think GLGI has any or low chance of getting the AB account? Pure speculation, but if they were getting the AB deal done, they would push to complete the going private transaction, right? I don’t (necessarily) think so.

Going private transaction would presumably cash out a pretty insignificant % of the shareholder base.

If the company would need to grow they would need all the cash they can get, and if the company is able to grow going private has less benefits (listing fees less of a problem for a bigger company).

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Re: GLGI – Greystone Logistics

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