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BiS Henderson Manages Campaigns for Logistics Recruitment

The consultants at specialist logistics recruiter 1 BiS Henderson can help clients with a full recruitment management service. The recruiters start by talking in detail with the line manager and possibly the client s human resources department about the full extent of the role. Where a job description is available and kept on file, the consultants will review it and talk over the key attributes and skills that a suitable candidate would bring to the business.

This gives an opportunity for the team to gain an overview of the structure of the client organisation and to see where the candidate fits in with the rest of the business. If it is relevant, they will discuss details of the previous incumbent, covering such topics as successes or failures, while establishing what expectations the client has for any prospective candidates. Typically, these would include objectives to be achieved within the first three to six months and performance is to be measured.

As part of creating candidate briefings, the BiS Henderson recruiters 2 would also talk to an existing member of the client s team, one who is already filling a similar role to the vacancy that is being advertised. Ideally, they would talk to two existing staff members in relevant logistics positions: one who is performing at or above expectations and one who is under-performing, to help to identify the possible reasons for the shortfall. The BiS Henderson candidate briefing sets out to establish how long a vacancy has existed; whether any candidates have already been interviewed for a post and why they were not offered the job.

It is vital to identify what the client regards as the key personality traits in a candidate. Likewise, there may be organisations that the client may want to approach or avoid in the search for a possible shortlist. These will reflect some aspects of the client s business culture: there may be productive areas where the client might not have considered searching, for instance in FMCG rather than just a specialist branch of logistics.

Armed with a detailed briefing, as well as the financial package that is available, the BiS Henderson team can go on to find the ideal logistics recruit, within the allotted time frame.

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BiS Henderson Manages Campaigns for Logistics Recruitment

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