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Over five motorists caught speeding at over 100mph a day …

More than 2,000 motorists in the UK the equivalent of five a day were caught by police speeding at more than 100mph in 2014/15. The figures have been released by BBC Radio 5 live after a Freedom of Information request that saw 42 of the UK s 45 police forces respond. At least 2,169 traffic reports were filed by UK police forces against motorists travelling at more than 100mph. Most were in cars but some on motorbikes .

The highest speed recorded was 156mph on the A1(M) in Cambridgeshire in March by a footballer in a BMW M4 Coupe followed the driver of a Mercedes C200 doing 155mph on the M1 in Hertfordshire, and a Jaguar at 144mph on the M4 in Gloucestershire.

Data from police forces that specified an exact speed showed 152 out of the 2,169 motorists were clocked going at 120mph or faster, with 43 caught driving at speeds of at least 130mph.

The original article can be found at http://fleetworld.co.uk/news/2016/Feb/Over-five-motorists-caught-speeding-at-over-100mph-a-day/0434023888[1]


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