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Our first six teams from 16u-18u are off to Madawaska this weekend, with 13u-15u teams the following weekend Here are the forms you need, if you did not get them from your coaches: 2012 DA 13U-15U Madawaska Team Building Session 2012 DA 16U-18U Madawaska Team Building Session For parents, this is a great opportunity for the team to spend nearly 48 hours together to mould as a team which would take three months of practices. Athletes are to arrive by 8 pm Friday and will depart approximately 1 pm Sunday. The coaches and parents of each team will arrange transportation.

The cost of food and accommodation for the weekend is as follows. Please pay by cheque made out to Durham Attack Volleyball Club. $226 per athlete including full programming ($200 + HST) $83.48 ($75 + HST) per parent driver/additional chaperone who wishes to stay the weekend for room and board. The club pays for one chaperone per team in the event that a coach of the same gender is not available to stay with the team in the cabin.

If your team requires drivers or chaperones then this is something your team should work into its eventual budget. if you or your children have not been there, Camp Madawaska is 40 km east of Bancroft, at the site of Camp Walden. It hosts the largest volleyball camp in the country in late August and for the next two weekends hosts our entire Club for an intense weekend of teambuilding activities.

It is cool at night so please follow your athlete s packing list for yourself. We have 12-15 parents who stay each weekend and the feedback is extremely positive. For more information on logistics contact Denise Edwards (Denise.Edwards@investorsgroup.com); for information on program and content contact Ian Eibbitt (ian@madawaskacamps.com).

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Leave A Comment – Durham Attack News

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