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Jim Dufour's B&M Cheshire Branch | Achievable Layouts

This is one of my all-time favourite layouts, and definitely qualifies as achievable. Jim Dufour is building a slice of the Boston & Maine Railroad s Cheshire branch through New Hampshire in HO scale. Jim s layout is basement-sized, but doesn t fill the basement.

There s plenty of space for people as the layout hugs the basement walls. Jim resisted the temptation most people would have to pack the space with large yards, roundhouses, and major towns. Instead, he is modelling very, very well a couple of smaller places on the line.

At the west end, there s Joslin. A depot, a passing siding, and a spur behind the station. Heading east, there are a couple of spurs before reaching a passing siding and station at Webb.

Continuing east on reaches the main town on the layout Troy. Here, one finds a depot, a couple of other railway structures, and a couple of spur one of which acts as a team track. There s also a lap siding and double-ended siding serving the freight house.

All very modest. Next up is Fitzwilliam, with a siding and two spurs, surrounded by a depot, freight house, and a section house. The last location modelled is State Line, with a depot and freight house on a passing siding.

From there, it s back to staging. Notice the consistency from town to town: each has a depot, some have a freight house. Some have a spur or two for switching.

As you ll see in the videos below shot by our mutual friend David Haney during a recent visit to Jim s layout the places look right . There s space where space should be. There s great attention to detail.

And the best part is that since this is still a layout under construction, there s much more to come.

Jim s layout is proof that an achievable layout can also be an excellent one.

I always look forward to following Jim s progress.

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Jim Dufour's B&M Cheshire Branch | Achievable Layouts

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