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Life Lately. (and an apology/explanation for why I've been away for …

Firstly, I want to apologise for being so absent from blogging recently. It seems that every new year I go through this phase of just neglecting my blog this year certainly being the worst, because it s half way through February and I still haven t got into the swing of things! I feel like loads has happened since I was last present on my blog! I might have mentioned a while back but I ve got into a new job. Since decided I didn t want to go to uni and just wanted to work, things have been so up and down. So after I finished college in June last year, I started to work full time at my retail job (probably can t say the actual name of the company, but let s just say that they are the countries biggest electrical store) that I d done part time for the previous year. Turned out working there full time was completely different and I was so unhappy, so I ended up leaving there to do a really boring admin job in a logistics company. I was there for two months, and I lost my job because I wasn t needed. Literally a month or so before Christmas! Desperate for a job, I ended up going back to the previous company that I was with, but a different store, and hated it even more than the old store! I stayed there for a month because after I d lost the other job, I applied for so many more and ended up being offered the job that I am in currently. So it s an apprenticeship in Social Media at an advertising agency, and the course that I am doing one day a week at college is in Digital Marketing. I actually love it. The atmosphere is so good there and everyone is really encouraging and welcoming. Way better than any other job (though I did love my colleagues at my original retail position). I think I also mentioned ages ago that I had began teaching at a dance school in Cheshire. As much as I loved the kids that I was teaching, I wasn t at all happy working there. Then when I decided that I was going to start my own dance school, they immediately got rid of me, which seemed a bit out of the blue and unfair considering that they are over 20 miles from me! However just before that I was offered a position at another dance school in Manchester which is a lot closer to me and they are so much more encouraging there! Don t get me wrong, I m so appreciative of the first position I had, but I do much prefer it at the new place.

Which brings me to opening my own dance school!! It s basically a childhood dream of mine to have my own dance school and it is now happening which is just crazy and so exciting! Check out my website here[1]! I ll probably end up posting more updates when everything gets up and running, but I m so excited.

So back to blogging! I ve got a post lined up for this Wednesday and then I suppose I ll just have to play it by ear and see what happens! But I promise, I will start blogging again!

Love ya s,

Em xxx

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  1. ^ here (www.epdance.co.uk)