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Warehousing and distribution operation needs of eCommerce …

Research about eCommerce and their needs of storage and logistics

In these study I will refer logistcs as all the actions involved in the process of making a package arrive to your client s door. From the moment it was bought online.

  • Online companies sometimes strugle with the prices that messenger services provides to them. The aim of this study is to make a clearer overview of their needs in the new era of communication
Parts that will be covered:

Warehousing And Distribution Operation Needs Of ECommerce ...

What did I do and who I talked to

Ecommerce is spreading from all around the world. Why is that? Mainly because of the all new horizont of possibilities that the new era of Technology has offered to entrepreneurs and business: no barriers of communication, less promotion costs in social media and best knowledge of your target market and their needs.

What is the main problem of small companies that are selling online? The extra costs of the messenger service. As they cannot compete with scale economies due to their stock volume

In this study, I will make a comparison between the logistics and warehouse needs of traditional business versus the needs of online shops and pure players (shops that only operate in the online environmet non physical shop).
Warehousing And Distribution Operation Needs Of ECommerce ...The survey
I sample Spanish companies from sectors whose products are easily storable no food or service sectors

  • Sample of 920 Spanish companies
  • Fielding dates: 22/Nov/2015 29/Nov/2015

  • Demogrpahics of the companies:

Warehousing And Distribution Operation Needs Of ECommerce ...

Warehousing And Distribution Operation Needs Of ECommerce ...

Warehousing And Distribution Operation Needs Of ECommerce ...

A Snapshot into eCommerce

Company size, earnings and resources are the main factors that define a company per se. In this study I will focus in SMEs (medium and small companies) needs of werehausing and distribution operations

  • Where they storage their products/stock
  • What messenger service are they using
  • How much are they willing to pay for the outsourcing of their logistics (warehousing and management of distribution operations: Pick, Pack & Ship).

SEE FULL STUDY HERE: eCommerce logistical needs[1]

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