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FREVUE officially launched at Logistics in 2030: challenges …

Published on: November 8, 2013 The FREVUE project 1 was officially launched at the Logistics in 2030: challenges and ways forward conference in the presence of European Commission vice-president Siim Kallas. FREVUE aims to demonstrate to industry, consumers and policy makers how electric freight vehicles can provide a smart, clean and efficient solution to transport-related challenges currently affecting European cities. Co-funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), FREVUE will undertake every-day, real life freight delivery operations in eight major European cities using a variety of electric vehicles (EVs).

The movement of goods and services around our cities is vital for a strong and vibrant economy. However, these logistic operations also impose significant costs on our communities through air and noise emissions as well as increased congestion. Matthew Noon, FREVUE project coordinator, Cross River Partnership, said, FREVUE is an exciting project that will show how an integrated approach to electric vehicles and freight operations can not only improve our urban environment, but also lower costs while making our cities more attractive, competitive and efficient .

EVs provide solutions to these challenges; with zero tailpipe emissions and improved air quality, as well as quieter operations, combined with state of the art urban logistics applications, innovative logistics management software, and well-designed local policy, urban freight delivery can be transformed. Oscar Rodrigues, Head Officer for Strategic Planning and Innovation Projects, Lisbon, said, Following the strategy to promote sustainable Urban Mobility policies, in FREVUE cities will have the opportunity to confirm how electrical freight transport can contribute to cleaner and friendlier cities in the future . Olivier Paturet, Nissan Europe General Manager for Zero Emission Strategy, said: Following the successful introduction of the new Nissan Leaf in the UK, Nissan will soon be producing its second 100% Battery Electric Vehicle, the e-NV200 van, in Barcelona, Spain.

As an active member of FREVUE, we are convinced that the partnership and close cooperation with members of FREVUE will result in the best alignment with user needs and requirements and allow for the fast adoption of Zero Emission freight solutions in cities across Europe . FREVUE will expose 127 electric freight vehicles to the day to day rigours of the urban logistics environment in eight major cities Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Rotterdam and Stockholm ensuring a wide variety of logistic challenges (small daily deliveries with many drop-off points to large single deliveries) and vehicle types (from small car-derived vans to large 18 tonne goods vehicles), regulatory environments and climates (from northern to southern Europe). FREVUE will also implement advanced logistical support systems and associated ICT, as well as consolidation centres to minimise trips in urban centres.

Dominique Mamcarz, Global Manager Environment, TNT Express, said: Making efficient deliveries in European cities is a daily priority for TNT Express. We re happy to contribute to the FREVUE project so as to better assess the benefits of electric freight vehicles in various real life operating conditions . The final FREVUE objective is to ensure that the results and outcomes are shared with the industry, policy makers, regulators and customers so electric freight vehicles can become a common site across Europe.

A network of FREVUE Phase 2 cities and partners will share in the lessons learnt from FREVUE and implement the FREVUE concepts.

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FREVUE officially launched at Logistics in 2030: challenges …

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