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So, we’ve searched for a crime and couldn’t find one. Although, official misconduct may apply if someone received a benefit for failing to do their job or abusing their authority. It would seem that violating County Law by disclosing the 911 recording would constitute abuse of authority. That may be the closest we get. We’ll see what Joel figures out. Here’s the site we used[1]. Have a go for yourself. If you find anything better, let us know.

Do people really believe a veteran officer would do something like this so his child receives employment? Is that how it works? The Mayor or Tom Wade hire someone? Isn’t there a test? And then a list you’re placed on? Then the academy? We’re not saying nepotism can’t occur but it is more difficult today than in years past. Then… What would former Detective Ron Fountain have to gain, considering Gordon was Tedesco’s candidate and Fountain was one of Tedesco’s men? Now Gary Gordon? Who knows what he may have wanted.

The odd man out is former Assistant District Attorney Shane Hug. We don’t know if he was involved or not. If he was, he seems an unnecessary piece of the puzzle. Too many parts. If the tape goes from State Street to Gary Gordon, to Brendan Lyons, isn’t Hug unnecessary? This one seems far afield but one cannot deny what happened in December. Some commenters have defended Tim Colaneri. It is unclear what exactly he did or did not do. But, if you had possession of this hot potato, would you let anyone get a hold of it? It all leads right back to two people. One of them was cleared. A Grassy Knoll fan’s wet dream.


UPDATE: A reader called us out over failing to mention Kathy Jimino’s endorsement of her brother, Patrick Madden. Our bad. Yes, of course, that would either sway some R’s to Madden or perhaps keep some home.

Did the release of the 911 recording alter the outcome of the election? A question we will ponder for years to come. It is hard to escape the conclusion that the 911 Tape release effected the election. The real question is: Who got screwed? The obvious answer is Republican Jim Gordon. Perhaps, that is not accurate. Could Working Families Party candidate Rodney Wiltshire be the electoral victim of the 911 tape release. This is a working theory. However, we are not alone.

On March 26, 2015, Jim Franco[2] picked Wiltshire as the frontrunner and set forth his argument. Sound reasoning: name recognition; elected city-wide twice; family man, successful business owner… Although, on October 16, 2015, he believed Gordon had a 3-1[3] chance to win, with Wiltshire coming in at 5-1, Madden at 7-1. Wiltshire’s strengths should not be underestimated. He had name recognition. He had won twice, city-wide. He looked like a crusader with the King Street hearings. Maybe his greatest strength was the organization he built and the excitement of his supporters. They were the type that vote no-matter-what! We see it with Sanders.

Then, add the unions and the person-power they can bring and you have a formidable third-party challenge. Finally, Rodney Wiltshire was just a better candidate than Gordon and Madden. More engaging and a better public speaker. Wiltshire was a strong candidate, like him or not. Madden was not a good candidate and not a very effective public speaker. He was not as well known as the other two among the general public. He eschewed the party apparatus and went his own way, working with a few close friends and former Mayor Pattison.

Gordon was a poor candidate as well. Yet, he clearly worked his campaign. So, why the poor turnout? Turnout was down about 2,000* votes from the two previous mayoral elections. Did republican voters stay home, disenchanted after they heard the 911 recording but unwilling to vote for Madden or Wiltshire? Were voters of different stripes disillusioned by it all: the 911 recording, its release, nasty robo calls….the whole Troy political experience? If voters did change their votes, isn’t it more likely that some Gordon votes went to Madden rather than Wiltshire. Wiltshire ran as an unapologetic progressive. If you are undecided, are you choosing between Gordon and Madden or Gordon and Wiltshire? Madden was, and reminds, something of an unknown quantity.

Could Madden have picked up a chunk of Gordon’s vote at the least minute and also get some nervous democrats that worried that a vote for Wiltshire was a vote for Gordon? Perhaps we’ll never know. Give us your thoughts.

* We seem to recall Wiltshire’s claim of registering many new voters. Did they stay home? If they did vote, the number who failed to participate was much higher than 2,000.


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