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Lune Viaduct, Waterside, Sedbergh, Yorkshire Dales National Park …

The Lune Viaduct, designed by Joseph Locke and John Errington, was built 1858-61 to carry what was intended to become the main railway linking Yorkshire with Scotland, 30 m above the River Lune on six Penrith sandstone arches and a cast-iron central span (162 m in total); quite a feat of construction, which cost at least one life.Unfortunately, the failure of rival operating firms to co-operate led to an alternative route being developed; the Settle-Carlisle line is now world-famous whilst this, the 30-km Ingleton Branch of the North Western Railway was very much a secondary route by 1875 and didn’t survive the great 1960s railway rationalisation; passenger traffic had already ceased in 1954, with the line closing to freight too in 1967. The Grade II* Listed structure remains tremendously impressive, of course, dramatically spanning the narrow valley of the Lune at Waterside (hence the alternative name ‘Waterside Viaduct’ ). It was renovated in ~2007, with care being taken to avoid disturbing the resident ravens, but note that it remains impassable; the 38 m central span has no deck, and I certainly can’t jump that far.

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Lune Viaduct, Waterside, Sedbergh, Yorkshire Dales National Park …

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