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AdvancePro Technologies launches upgraded V … – Logistic Partners

Advance Pro Technologies (APT) recently launched its upgraded software, Advance Pro V.9 (AP V.9). The launch marks a major milestone in the company s recent history with the first major software upgrade in over 3 years. AP V.9 is an upgraded inventory management software, designed to help streamline business process technology, saving users time and money.

Through its introduction, AP V.9 now boasts over 200 feature rich functions and 10 add on modular services. This list includes, but is not limited to, resource management, sales tax per line item, service items, landed cost freight management, drill down enhancement, batch invoice email, enhanced cycle counts and picking location functionality, SKU activity dashboard, direct vendor bill and print consolidated invoice. In tandem with the launch of V.9, APT announced the redevelopment and enhancement of their Point of Sale, Web Connector and Web Service Suite a combination of B2B, B2C and Sales Rep Portal to complement the new features brought forth by the upgraded software.

The APT technology at its core is a very powerful database management system made up of multiple layers of input opportunities that generates dynamic information in real time, says Israel Ellis, President of AdvancePro Technologies. Our new AP V.9 ensures an easy adoption for new users and a smooth transition for our current customers upholding our commitment to service and product quality. APT holds the Intuit coveted Gold star rating with a 9.0 rating, the highest ranked amongst its piers in the intuit market place.

AdvancePro Technologies AdvancePro Technologies offers flexible and affordable inventory management software suitable for QuickBooks users, importers/exporters, online retailers, 3rd party logistics warehouses and any other inventory based business.

The software is designed to help streamline buying, selling and shipping processes to improve operational efficiency, while conserving human and financial resources.

AdvancePro Technologies Karen Hazan Tel: 416.450.0446 Email: [email protected] Article source: http://www.warehousenews.co.uk/2012/11/advancepro-technologies-launches-upgraded-v-9-software/ IT technologies and software take centre stage at Logistics Link South 2012 Belgravium Technologies establishes partnership with Software Giant WCS Imtech Logistics Software launches LBASE TMS and WMS to the UK logistics software market Maple Lake launches new QuickAllocation software for optimum retail allocation practices ELE Advanced Technologies selects Epicor

AdvancePro Technologies launches upgraded V … – Logistic Partners

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Everything's depending on the way the wind may … – Logistic Partners

Welcome to the November 15 Warehouse Logistics News. It s too early to tell the impact Barack Obama s re-election as US President will have on British industry, and hence the warehousing and logistics sector. With our economy slowly recovering, this would be a bad time for our most important export market to shrink in the wake of US public spending cuts, but for now it s business as usual.

To help you make the best of your business performance, in this issue we have features on Buildings Facilities, The Loading Bay and Power sources. Buildings Facilities looks at main structures and key equipment, including temporary structures. The Loading Bay includes industrial doors, dock levellers and dock lifts.

Power Sources explores motive power in the warehouse and logistics environment, including batteries, LPG and engines. Winds blowing across the Atlantic will affect our economy. Here the wind is directly affecting the future of wooden pallets, so crucial in materials handling operations, by spreading ash tree die back disease across the UK.

The Chalara fungus has wiped out 90 per cent of ash trees in parts of Denmark and is becoming widespread throughout central Europe. Its spread to Britain adds to the urgency for everyone using pallets to do their bit to prevent the movement of untreated timber pallets and other wooden packaging materials contributing to the worldwide spread of plant diseases. In this issue Mark Springham, Director of Inka Presswood Pallets, explains how Inka can offer assistance to everyone involved with moving goods on pallets here, throughout the EU and worldwide, when the new EU995/2010 timber regulations come into force in March, likely to be followed by further restrictions in movement of timber pallets across borders within Europe.

Inka Presswood Pallets has been in business for over 25 years as UK distributor of the Presswood pallet, made in a patented process involving intense heat and pressure from recycled wood, comprising ex-construction timber, waste wood and old timber pallets. Inka s Presswood Pallets and EUROBLOCK pressed wood composite blocks, which they supply to timber pallet manufacturers, comply with the EU995/2010 timber regulations. They are also exempt from the ISPM15 regulations, which prevent the global spread of plant diseases and pests linked with international movements of wooden packaging.

Under ISPM15, raw timber must be specially heat-treated before use in production of pallets for export, but users of Inka Presswood Pallets and pallets made with EUROBLOCK can simply take the next pallet off the stack. Finally, look out for our next issue, December 15, which includes our Review of The Year 2012. Make sure you get your copy!

Warehouse Logistics News Article source: http://www.warehousenews.co.uk/2012/11/everythings-depending-on-the-way-the-wind-may-blow/ Inka launch new Presswood Pallet Senior Packaging Executive retires after 43 years in the industry No sweat, use plastic!


Double dip recession a blow to consumer mood

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Everything's depending on the way the wind may … – Logistic Partners

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Co-operative Group opens 22 millon distribution … – Logistic Partners

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 You are here: Home | News | Co-operative Group opens 22 millon distribution centre The Co-operative Group has opened a new state-of-the-art distribution centre in Avonmouth following a 22 million investment. The new state-of-the art facility will create more than 200 new jobs and employ 900 people by the time it is fully operational in May 2013. Measuring 435,750 sq ft, the multi-temperature depot will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and serve around 500 Co-operative food stores in Bristol, north Somerset and South Wales.

Steve Murrells, chief executive of Co-operative Food, explained: Our new composite distribution centre is a major investment, which will provide significant employment locally and will boost the local economy. Avonmouth is in the perfect location to serve our stores across the South West and South Wales. The opening forms part of a major overhaul of The Co-operative s food logistics network following its acquisition of Somerfield in 2009.

The overhaul aims to upgrade existing facilities, improve supply chain performance and help create a platform for a superior store service. Avonmouth features several energy-saving and recycling initiatives, including rainwater harvesting to reduce water demand on site and energy-saving lighting, which will provide a 60% decrease in energy costs while increasing lamp life. Murrells added: The Co-operative Group s logistics service has undergone a major overhaul in recent years to keep pace with the significant growth of the food business.

This investment will mean we have an efficient and modern logistics network, while also allowing for further growth. Tagged as: co-operative group | bristol | somerset | wales | avonmouth | distrbution centres | logistics Should your colleagues be reading the Retail Bulletin? Let them know about us.

Article source: http://www.theretailbulletin.com/news/cooperative_group_opens_22_millon_distribution_centre_13-11-12/ Co-operative Group purchase of David Sands approved by OFT Building begins at Co-Op Andover Co-operative Group rolls out conversion all David Sands stores Co-operative Group rolls out conversion of all David Sands stores Co-operative Group to trial ATM marketing in-store

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Co-operative Group opens 22 millon distribution … – Logistic Partners

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